Saturday, June 03, 2023

Ali Alqarni: Rolex Pepsi GMT-Master Aboard The International Space Station

Ali Alqarni

Rolex Pepsi GMT-Master Aboard

The International Space Station

I must begin this article by thanking Nick Gould for his significant contribution to this amazing article. Nick Gould made an amazing discovery last week and originally posted the first image seen below on Instagram in significantly lower-res where he said: 

"One of the coolest watch photos you will see in 2023. Saudi astronaut, Ali AlQarni took his ceramic @Rolex GMT-Master Pepsi with him for the Ax-2 mission. I spotted him wearing it during a video earlier in the week. On his return to Earth, he just posted this photo of the watch casually floating in zero gravity, aboard the International Space Station"

Science Fiction Becomes Reality

Ali Alqarni's photos totally remind me of the epic 1968 science fiction masterpiece, 2001 A Space Odyssey as his photos were taken aboard the Space Station which was just fantasy in 1968. So to see a Pepsi GMT-Master floating in zero-gravity in space onboard the real Space Station is a total trip. 

Ali Alqarni who is a Saudi Astronaut took the photos above and below last week during his Ax-2 mission aboard the International Space Station. Nick reached out to Ali Alqarni recently and asked him to send me a high-res version of this stunning image, and Ali surprised me by sending in the additional image seen below in addition:

Ali Alqarni appears to posses a beautiful harem of Rolex models, as we see in the photo below he is wearing a two-tone bluesy Rolex Submariner.