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Queen Camilla Wears Rolex Turquoise OP

When a Queen

Rocks a Rolex

Queen Camilla Tries on

a Turquoise-blue-dial OP

Rolex is a brand that has long been inspired by and associated with Royalty—even the Rolex Coronet itself is in the form of a Royal Crown. Back in the 1920s, during the art-deco era, Rolex made models like the Rolex King, Queen, Prince and Princess, and later in the early 1960s even came out with the King Midas. The Rolex logo below is from 1934 and showcases the original first generation Rolex Coronet Crown, which was obviously symbolic of Royalty.

Someone's allocated OP was worn by a queen. Britain's Queen Camilla tried on a 31mm Oyster Perpetual with the beautiful turquoise-blue dial on Monday during her visit to a Rolex authorized dealer in Swindon, England ... the latest sign of the power of that dial color in the Rolex collection.

A crown for a queen (Photo credit: Getty)

We're told she went to the 175-year-old family-run jeweler not to shop for a Rolex but to bring in a vintage Breitling for repairs. Still, Queen Camilla seemed interested in all things watches ... checking out vintage pieces and taking a tour of the sixth-generation workshop, where she spoke to a young female watchmaker. 

Also in attendance was Deacon & Son's manager director Richard Deacon and, of course, Richard de Leyser, the CEO of Rolex UK, seen below, who had been briefed of her visit.

(Photo credit: Getty)

(Photo credit: Getty)

Queen Camilla didn’t pull the trigger on the Tiffany-dial OP, we’re told... that could be a future gift idea for King Charles III. After all, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. 

A Rolex Royal Family

Rolex leadership has always been fascinated with royalty, and featured many different Rolex watches with names like The Rolex King Midas, The Rolex Queen, The Rolex Prince, and The Rolex Princess. Former Rolex CEO, André-Jean Heiniger is pictured with the future King of England, who is speaking to Gérard Souham (left), an advertising executive and former CEO of J. Walter Thompson, Paris branch. 

Photo appears courtesy of S3C Collection

In the photo above, the four gentlemen are discussing the Rolex King Midas model, of which King Charles has owned a special version of for many years.

Former Rolex CEO, André Heiniger is pictured again above with his wife Odette Heiniger, Colonel Gerard Leigh and King Charles at the Guards Polo Club in Windsor, U.K.

All four of Queen Elizabeth's children have worn Rolex watches, according to our research, as well as some of her grandchildren. King Charles' son, Prince Harry of Wales, below, is seen rocking a Rolex Explorer II "Orange Hand" while serving as a helicopter pilot in Afghanistan.

Prince Harry is pictured below at a Polo match in Sentebale with legendary car racing legend, Sir Jackie Stewart, and Rolex Global Director of Communication and Image Arnaud Boetsch.

Prince Harry, in the photo below, is checking out Arnaud Boetsch's Rolex. Before joining Rolex, Arnaud Boetsch was a top ranked professional tennis player.