Wednesday, June 20, 2018

How a young boy grew up to save his father's Rolex...

The Chosen One

How a young boy grew up to save his father's Rolex

A Beautiful Story Of Submariner Serendipity

I posted my last update for this ongoing Loren Janes/Steve McQueen investigation on June 12, 2018, so I just wanted to give you another update.

It has been said that Every Rolex Tells A Story, and this is profoundly true. I would know as I have likely studied and written more Rolex stories than anybody else on earth. Out of all the Rolex stories I have ever shared, I don't recall one that was as crazy/interesting as this one!!!

Researching this Loren Janes/Steve McQueen Rolex Submariner story has been like being on the most amazing roller-coaster ride! This story has taken so many twists and turns—so much so, it seems like the roller coaster jumped off its tracks and started flying around in the sky! It's that 'out there.'

Today I formally completed my investigation and have concluded my extensive interviewing process. It has also been said that reality is often times stranger than fiction and this case (pun intended) is no exception. I am sharing the photo above that was taken in 1969 of Steve McQueen with Eric Janes, who is Loren Janes' son. 

There is a lot more to this picture than meets the eye, and as soon as I complete my story I will elaborate more on this subject. In this upcoming story, I will also share all my research evidence with you, which I believe will paint a different story than what you might expect. This is a story of, fate, serendipity, and superstardom. It is a human story about friendship and one-upmanship. It is a story about magic and confusion... 

Not only does this Rolex tell a story, it tells history...and pretty soon we'll hop in the Rolex time machine and travel back in time to learn what REALLY happened in this story. Stay Tuned, and Keep Your Seatbelt Tightened...