Thursday, September 08, 2022

A Rolex King? Crowning Achievement


Crowning Achievement

Her Royal Majesty

Queen Elizabeth ll

Belongs To The Ages


Like so many people, Queen Elizabeth's passing marks a touchstone moment. For me, being born and raised in San Francisco, California, The Queen was a permanent fixture in my life. In other words, when I was a small child, I would see Princess Elizabeth on TV, and despite being American, she seemed like my queen. 

But is was not just me that came of age under Queen Elizabeth, as Rolex did as well. You see, Rolex really hit its stride in the early 1950s with the advent of their tool watches, and 1953 was a particularly momentous year for Rolex as they developed the Submariner, Turn-O-Graph, and Explorer. The following Rolex Magazine ad for a Rolex Explorer is from my upcoming 12 Volume set of books I am preparing to publish on Rolex History, and I thought it would be fitting to share it with you today. This add heralds "The New Elizabethan Age", which began in 1953, the same year the Rolex Explorer was launched. Basically, in a nutshell, Rolex tool watches were born and came of age just as Queen Elizabeth was coronated more than 70 years ago. The following Rolex Explorer Ad brilliantly encapsulates and epitomizes this transcendental zeitgeist...

Notice the early Rolex Explorer model featured in the pictured above ad lacks covered end links. This is due to the fact the Rolex Explorer predates the Submariner, which was the first Rolex to feature solid bracelet end covers.

A Rolex King

Rolex leadership has always been fascinated with Royalty, and featured many different Rolex watches with names like The Rolex King Midas, The Rolex Queen, The Rolex Prince, and The Rolex Princess. Former Rolex CEO, André-Jean Heiniger is pictured below speaking with future King Charles of England, who is speaking with Gérard Souham (left) whose amazing career achievements are featured in one of my upcoming Rolex history books.

Photo appears courtesy of S3C Collection

In the photo above, ironically, the four gentlemen are discussing the Rolex King Midas model, of which King Charles has owned a special version of for many years. Below, King Charles offers a heartwarming tribute to his mother's amazing lifetime achievements.

It is a fact all four of Queen Elizabeth's children have worn Rolex watches, as well as some of her grandchildren, including King Charles' son, Prince Harry of Wales, who is pictured below rocking his Rolex Explorer "Orange Hand". In the future I plan to publish some amazing revelations on just how much the Royal Family has depended on Rolex to keep the time of their lives, but I will save that for another day, as now is a great time of mourning and reflection for Queen Elizabeth II's amazing career achievements. May she Rest In Peace...