Monday, December 12, 2011

RubberB All-New Orange Strap Review & Videos...

All-New Orange Strap Review & Videos

Wow!!!! I just completed my first video review and hopefully in the future I will do more. I am really excited to finally be able to share photos and video with you of the all-new Orange RubberB strap.

RubberB is a sponsor of Jake's Rolex World and I am a fan of their amazing products, and in particular, I am super stoked on their all new Orange RubberB strap which is pictured below. The Orange RubberB looks amazing on any black bezel Rolex Submariner or GMT Master. In particular, I was shocked at how great it looks on a vintage 1967 Rolex Submariner.

The Orange RubberB gives the vintage Rolex Submariner a whole new updated, yet retro-vibe which is very sporty, aquatic, and reminds me of Flipper and Jacques Cousteau. The shade of orange is perfect. It is almost like a light safety orange. Rolex sport watches tend to be works of art in-and-of themselves, but every rubber strap I have ever seen looks funky, but the RubberB is as much a work of art itself.

Next we see a video of the black RubberB on the same vintage 1967 Rolex Submariner, which offers another amazing look.

Here is a video review I just completed of the Orange RubberB:

I also just completed a video that shows how to install the RubberB: