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Extremely Rare White Dial Rolex GMT Masters....

Questionable Authenticity

Alert: It has come to our attention after publishing this story that the authenticity of the first two watches are questionable. This information comes from a highly reliable source. 

We are currently investigating the authenticity of this watch and as soon as we conclude we will let you know.

This first Rolex GMT Master is an EXTREMELY RARE Pan AM Model Number 6542 from 1959.  It is pictured above has a Rolex Oyster Bracelet and the one below has a Rolex Jubilee Bracelet. 

One of the things that makes it so rare is the WHITE Dial.  Rolex made very few of these.  From talking to some of the top Rolex experts on earth, the consensus is that approximately 100 of these beauties were ever made.  Pan American Worldwide Airways only purchased the white dial GMTs for their executives, while the Pilots wore black dialed GMTs.

I call this watch the "Vanilla Coke."  I think the bezel on these early GMT's had a clear epoxy coating  on them.

The modern GMT Master pictured below has been customized with a White Rolex Explorer II Dial.  I like this color combo and think Rolex should consider offering it again.  I call it a "Vanilla Pepsi GMT."

Photo Credit:Parketbulle

Jeff Corwin Wearing His Trademark Rolex Submariner

All I can say about Jeff Corwin is that he is an amazing human being and nature explorer.  He is the host of Corwin's Quest and The Jeff Corwin Experience, and of course he wears his Trademark Rolex Stainless Submariner...

Actor Gregory Peck wearing his Trademark Rolex Explorer

From Wikipedia: Gregory Peck (April 5, 1916 – June 12, 2003) was an Academy Award-winning and four-time Golden Globe Award-winning American film actor. He was one of 20th Century Fox's most popular film stars, from the 1940s to the 1960s, and played important roles well into the 1990s.

One of his most notable performances was as Atticus Finch in the 1962 film version of To Kill a Mockingbird, for which he won his Academy Award. President Lyndon Johnson honored Peck with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1969 for his lifetime humanitarian efforts.[1] In 1999, the American Film Institute named Peck among the Greatest Male Stars of All Time, ranking at #12.

Star Trek Actor Stephen Collins Wearing His Trademark Submariner

From Wikepedia:  Collins probably is best known for his role as the Reverend Eric Camden in more than two hundred episodes of the television series 7th Heaven, though he also notably portrayed Captain Willard Decker in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Rev. Camden's wife, Annie, is played by fellow Star Trek alum Catherine Hicks (who played Dr. Gillian Taylor in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home). 

Additional television credits include starring roles in Tales of the Gold Monkey and Tattingers, as well as guest appearances in The Waltons, Barnaby Jones, Charlie's Angels, and numerousmini-series and made-for-television movies. 

He was nominated for an Emmy for his work opposite Ann-Margret in the minseries The Two Mrs. Grenvilles and he played John F. Kennedy in the miniseries A Woman Named Jackie, which won the Emmy for Best Miniseries.

Collins and his 7th Heaven co-star Beverley Mitchell are the only two original cast members to appear in every single episode.

Collins is the author of two novels: Eye Contact (1994) and Double Exposure (1998).

Collins is the great-great-grandson of General James Baird Weaver, the 1880 Greenback Party presidential candidate and the 1892 Populist Party ("People's Party") candidate for president.

Collins has co-starred with Diane Keaton in two movies; The First Wives Club (1996) and Because I Said So (2007).

Collins is married to actress Faye Grant. 

Watch Quote of the Day...

"It is the emotional discovery of the secrets of time, of the very soul of a watch. Watches appeal to us, and win us over by the beauty of their soul and the secrets they conceal: the life of a mechanical watch and of its beating heart; its words; its ticking; and its face, which expresses sadness at 8:20 and joy at 10:10. The relationship we have with a watch is like a love story, and love cannot be described by specific and objective criteria" –Franco Cologni

Rolex of The Day: GMTII-C Masterpiece with Diamond, Sapphire and Ruby Bezel

I believe Rolex offers this watch in two versions.  The first is the way it appears here and also a version with diamonds on the lugs and crown guards.  I think I like this one better.

Michael Caine Get Carter Wearing a Rolex Datejust

Nicky Hilton Wearing Her Stainless Steel Rolex Daytona with Black Dial

Paris Hilton and her Sister Nicky Hilton are Gorgeous Creatures.

Vinatage Root Beer GMT Master Rolex Advertisement....

How a Pan Am pilot tells the time in New York in New Delhi

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Rolex Triple Calender Moonphase. Very Rare

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