Monday, August 20, 2018

1958: Men Who Guide The Destinies Of The World Wear Rolex Watches

...Rolex Time Machine...

Men Who Guide The Destinies Of

The World Wear Rolex Watches


Who is responsible for Rolex Watch Spotting practices? Some would say it all began with Jake's Rolex World, but this 1958 Rolex magazine advertisement would suggest it was Rolex itself that originally recommended and encouraged the practice of Rolex watch spotting a half-century before Jake's Rolex World came into existence.

There are several interesting characteristics I notice when evaluating this 1958 Rolex magazine advertisement. The first is that the soldier in the forefront (with the sword) is British, and the three soldiers in the background are U.S. Marines. This is interesting as it was published only thirteen years after the Allied powers defeated the Axis powers.

Secondly, Rolex was coy about not revealing the identities of the leaders it refers to. This is because they promised the leaders they would not use their identities for commercial purposes.

Rolex gave General Eisenhower the 150th Officially Certified Swiss Chronometer Rolex, which is pictured below. When they gave it to him in 1948, it lacked a Cyclops date magnifier window, which was retrofitted later in a subsequent serving of the watch. Eisenhower was the President of the United States when the Rolex ad pictured above was originally published in 1958.

President Eisenhower appeared on the cover of LIFE Magazine in 1952 wearing his yellow gold Rolex Datejust.

President-elect Eisenhower is pictured below with current President Truman as they head to Eisenhower's Presidential Inauguration in 1952.

In this close-up photo of President Truman and Eisenhower, we clearly see the Rolex Jubilee bracelet on Eisenhower's wrist.

General Eisenhower is pictured below in his U.S. Army Uniform.

The three men in the foreground of this photo all wore yellow gold Rolex watches.

You can learn much more about the history of The Rolex President in my 11 Part series titled, "The Complete History of The Rolex President."