Monday, December 10, 2018

Rolex.Org Launch Preview!!!


Launch Preview

This is such epic news, I had to borrow Hodinkee's Breaking News moniker again for this story!!! I am so excited to share that Rolex has some amazing news coming up this Holiday season!!! Rolex just gave my team a preview of some fascinating initiatives they are rolling out this Wednesday, December 12th and I am so excited to share them with you! On Wednesday Rolex will launch a brand new website @ The screenshots below are from the soon to launch

This overall them on revolves around the world "Perpetual": 

  • Perpetual Planet
  • Perpetual Knowledge
  • Perpetual Spirit
  • Perpetual Culture Menu 

The screen grab below shows all the different menu options on Despite how simple it looks, there is a lot of highly immersive content on each of these links.

Celebrating Hans Wilsdorf

Rolex also has a whole section on dedicated to its founder, Hans Wilsdorf. I am so happy to see Rolex diving into Hans Wilsdorf's brilliant history since he is one of the most successful and profound entrepreneurs in history.

Rolex included this super-high res image of Hans Wildorf, which I don't recall seeing before in such high-res.

Rolex also posted the image seen below which shows a young Hans Wilsdorf in 1906 and he is pictured third from the left, behind the tree, holding a cup of tea.

The Hans Wilsdorf section on also features a detailed documentary on Hans Wilsdorf's life and times.

Perpetual Culture

Somebody once defined culture by saying, 'Culture is acquainting ourselves with the best the world has known.' Rolex has always been committed to showcasing superb culture and does it in a truly magnificent way.

Rolex & Exploration has a section dedicated to explorers who have achieved amazing things with Rolex watches on their wrists. This section is really inspirational and showcases Rolex history in all its glory!!!

Making The World A Better Place

Rolex has a section dedicated to all of its green initiatives, which is amazing. Below is a quote from this amazingly inspirational section:

"Whether this takes the form of fresh discoveries about the natural wonders of the Earth, the protection of its wild places and creatures, the safeguarding of our common cultural heritage or the development of technologies that shape our future, save and enhance lives and enrich our understanding, the unifying ingredient is the will to make a difference… to show that “anyone can change everything”.

In my mind offers a look 'Behind The Rolex Crown', while making a bold declarative statement about its commitment to protecting mother earth!!! 

One More Thing...

As previously mentioned, Rolex will be launching on Wednesday, December 12th so be sure to check it out. Also, Rolex will be formally launching its Twitter initiative. First a little background. Rolex has always been discreet in a typically Swiss kind of way, and despite their digital prowess and overall success, they have also be shy at times. Rolex has had a Twitter account for years, but they have NEVER TWEETED!?!! That's all about to change when Rolex publishes its first tweet on Wednesday! The only thing stopping Rolex from being 100% in the digital age is offering their watches for sale on, which hopefully we will see sooner than later...

I have to say I am blown-away with and if I understand it correctly, this is just the beginning. In other words, over the following months and years, Rolex will continue to expand the breadth and scope of Jose took the image below and added the logo, which is RAD!!!