Thursday, November 03, 2022

Live Photos of the All-New Titanium Rolex DEEPSEA CHALLENGE...

Live Photos of the All-New 


In The Wild Shots from Around The Web

I haven't seen the all-new Rolex DEEPSEA CHALLENGE in person yet, but just like you I am really curious as to what it would look like on the wrist, so I thought I would share some great photo with you from around the web. Let's start with this first set from Pedro Pastor Rodríguez @repeticiondeminutos, which really puts things in perspective. (BTW: I kept thinking Pedro looked familiar, and I just figured it out! He looks a lot like Jared Kushner? ;-)


Next up we have see some photos from an excellent story from on this new Beast!

I'll Never Be Your Beast of Burden

Every watch needs it's own song, and this is the one that comes to my mind, when I think about this watch...