Sunday, November 29, 2009

Introducing The Magrette Taniwha

The Magrette Taniwha
Hand-Engraved Limited-Edition Gold-Inlay Masterpiece

What else can I say!?! Dion from Magrette has surprised, if not shocked us again with another hand-engraved, magnificent masterpiece–this time, named the Magrette Taniwha!!!

Back in September I completed a detailed review named The Magrette Story, which I highly recommend checking out if you missed it.

In the watch world today, I do not see much new design that impresses me, but Magrette blows my mind!!! Dion's Magrette designs are so unusual in the best way possible. His watches are extremely well designed and instant classics.

Magrette recently introduced another extremely limited Limited Edition of hand-engreaved watch named The Taniwha. Taniwha is not only hand-engraved, but also has Gold inlayed into the Steel.

This all-new limited-edition beauty is only $5985 which is extremely reasonable if you think about it. If you purchase one of these stunning hand-engraved masterpieces you will be one of only 5 people on planet-earth who wears this watch.

Magrette says of the process of inlaying Gold into Steel:

"Inlaying precious metal like gold into a harder host metal is a process that has not changed for centuries. The techniques that the old masters used are exactly the same today and even the style of tools hasn’t changed. What has changed is the host metals have got a lot harder so the tools are also made of stronger materials.

Not to be confused with gold plating which is a micro-thin layer of gold plated onto the surface of the metal, gold inlay is actually set and bonded into the host metal and is quite thick. For the Taniwha watch 0.5mm 24 Karat gold wire was used."

To learn much more about this magnificent Magrette masterpiece please click here.