Thursday, February 12, 2009

The First Rolex President?

Abraham Lincoln's 200th Birthday
The First Rolex President?

Today is Abraham Lincoln's 200th birthday. Rolex made a Lincoln model way back when. Maybe this is really the first Rolex President? Also it is Charles Darwin's 200th birthday today. That's right, Lincoln and Darwin were both born on February 12, 1809.

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1953 Chuck Yeager Air Force Test Pilot...

Chuck Yeager in 1953

Since we were on the subject of Captian Chesley Sullenberger who began his career in the Air Force flying F-4 Phantom II fighter planes, I thought I would share this photo of Chuck Yeager that was taken at Edwards Air Force Base Test Flight Center in 1953–and of course Chuck is wearing his trusted Rolex.

This photo was taken 56 years ago and Chuck Yeager still wears a Rolex to this day. When he broke the sound barrier in 1947 he was also wearing his Rolex Oyster which was 62 years ago. Click the image below for better detail: