Friday, March 09, 2012

...Rolex Presents... South Face Annapurna Extended Edition

...Rolex Presents...

South Face Annapurna Rolex Documentary
Embedded in Rolex iPad App
Extended Edition

I always wished Rolex would do full length exploration documentaries in the Jacques-Yves Cousteau/ David Attenborough style, and they seem to be starting to!!! This one is named South Face Annapurna. I recommend clicking the full-screen option, and crank it up to 1080P. I hope Rolex brings us much more of this amazing and real adventure. Long live the tool watch!!! BTW This video is embedded in Rolex's iPad Application.

Rolex Explorer II Orange Hand V Rolex GMT Master II Ceramic

Sheldon Smith's
Rolex Comparison Report

Rolex Explorer II Orange Hand
Rolex GMT Master II Ceramic

My good pal Sheldon Smith over at recently published an article that compared and contrasted the all-new Rolex Explorer II Orange Hand with the Rolex Ceramic GMT Master II, and it is thorough and fascinating!!!! I highly recommend reading Sheldon's analysis!!!

Rolex Macro Shot of The Day: Rolex Crown Up Close...

...Rolex Macro Shot Of The Day...

Hans Wilsdorf founded the Rolex brand 100 Years ago in 1908 and came up with the Rolex Crown logo 17 years later in 1925. A year later Rolex created the first waterproof watch named the Rolex Oyster.

Photo Credit: Lifebreath