Friday, December 16, 2022

The Certified Pre-Owned Seal




Rolex retrieved an old logo from the archives to symbolize its newest program, the Rolex Certified Pre-Owned Program, which allows authorized dealers across the globe to sell pre-owned Rolex watches that have been authenticated

The Certified Pre-Owned guarantee card, which displays the seal, officially confirms that the watch is genuine and guarantees its proper functioning. This card serves as an official certificate of authenticity.


The official logo of the CPO program is printed in green on a beige color. If the logo looks familiar it's because it is inspired from the engraving found inside the clasp of each Rolex watch. The rhythmic linear pattern around the word "ROLEX" is called an arabesque.

The arabesque logo made its appearance for the first time in Rolex advertisements of the mid-1940s, like this very elegant German Rolex ad from 1946. The war had just ended and the logo seems to bring some jubilee

Notice again the arabesque in this 1947 ad in French. 

Under Hans Wilsdorf's signature in this 1948 Season's Greetings ad in English. 

1948 was a very good year for Rolex and the world of exploration. Rolex and Hans Wilsdorf were moving full-speed-ahead into a wonderful new era. In 1948 Hans Wilsdorf was 67 years old and despite his amazing achievements to date, the best had yet to come.

Rolex USA was so excited about the level of progress, they published the following magazine ad which featured Hans Wilsdorf as the "Watchman of our Time." The arabesque is prominently displayed at the bottom.

In this next Rolex Christmas ad from 1948, we see Rolex marking its 40th anniversary with the new five-link trademark bracelet, the Jubilee bracelet, as seen below on this first generation yellow gold Datejust. The arabesque is now white on green.

The following three ads displaying the Rolex arabesque logo are all from the 1950s. I couldn't find any ads past the 1950s with that design.