Monday, May 11, 2020

Steven Mnuchin United States Secratary of the Treasury

Steven Mnuchin

United States Secratary of the Treasury

White Gold 42MM Rolex Yacht-Master

United States Secratary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin is pictured below wearing his White Gold Rolex Yacht-Master. Mnuchin is the 77th Secretary of the Treasury. It's fascinating to note that the Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell wears a stainless steel Rolex Submariner. This means the two most powerful men in the financial world both wear Rolex sports watches.

Secratary Mnuchin is pictured above and below in this story with President Trump in the White House, wearing his Rolex Yacht-Master on a Rolex OysterFlex bracelet which is has titanium-nickel allow blades inside that are concealed with a rubberlike elastomer.

In the video below from a recent presidential press briefing at the White House we see Steven Mnuchin taking the podium while wearing his 42MM Rolex White Gold Yacht-Master.

The 42 MM Rolex Yacht-Master was introduced at the BaselWorld last year, and our own Captain Danny was the very first journalist to get to inspect and try on the all-new Rolex Yacht-Master in person.