Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Rolex Milgauss on an orange RubberB Strap

Rolex Milgauss on an Orange RubberB Strap

Jan is a fan of Jake's Rolex World and recently he sent in this photo of his white dial Rolex Milguass on an orange RubberB strap with the following email:

Hi Jake,

I'm an avid reader of your blog, and believe you are doing a fantastic job of discovering Rolex history.

I few months ago, a reader complained that the Milguass is not mentioned often enough. I think it's a great model, and wish to share my white Milgauss with an orange Rubber B strap (just drying off). I'm a terrible photographer, so the photo does not do the real thing justice.

Keep up the awesome work Jake,

All the best,