Wednesday, June 21, 2017

An LV Hanging with an Explorer II

...A Note From A Reader....

Scott's Rolex Watches
An LV Hanging with an Explorer II

Scott Shafer sent in photos of his LV and Explorer II, and said:

Hi Jake-

Just wanted to reach out and say thanks for the hard work. I'm a big fan of your work! The amount of effort you go to, to put together Jake's Rolex Magazine is tremendous. I love checking out the Rolex history as well as the general history lessons I get from you. 

Here are a few pics of some of my Rolex's. 


Scott, Thanks for sharing your kind words, which I genuinely appreciate very much! I feel the exact same way about the 'general history lessons', in the sense that one of my favorite things about publishing Jake's Rolex World, are the amazing history lessons I get from doing all the research!