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Michael Schumacher's PAUL NEWMAN DAYTONA Coming To Auction with Christie's


Life in The Fast Lane

Legendary Formula 1 Champion

Michael Schumacher's

Auctioned by Christie's for $276,000

Michael Schumacher's magnificent 1971 Paul Nemwman Rolex Daytona Reference 6262

Man & His Machines

Michael Schumacher is one of the greatest Formula 1 racing champions having won the Formula 1 World Championship seven-times. Schumacher was also a collector of some magnificent Rolex Daytona models and we see him pictured below in 1993 rocking his Zenith Rolex Daytona with a white dial.

Formula 1 Racing Legend, Michael Schumacher rocking his 
stainless steel Daytona [Reference 16520] back in 1993 

Michael Schumacher's stainless steel Rolex [Lot 137] sold at Christie's for CHF 250,000 on May 14 in Geneva, which is approximately $276K. You can watch the entire Christie's auction on YouTube which is totally fascinating.

Michael Schumacher's Paul Newman Daytona, Reference 6262 is a STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL example of this rare Rolex Chronograph model, which was one of last to feature push-down chronograph pushers. 

Update May 18, 2024: Several sources reached out to me to suggest there are a few details on this watch that are incorrect. Jose from Perezcope.com was the first to notice the irregularities on this watch and on an Instagram story commented: "OK, who sold this made up 6262 to Michael Schumacher? A 6262 with 300 bezel and a first generation Paul Newman dial? Seriously?". I asked Cameron Barr from Craft and Tailored and he said "Jose is correct. The bezel is too early and should be a BASE 50, and the dial is sing-a-song text which should be straight text."

Lot Essay from Christie's Auction House

This fantastic looking Paul Newman Daytona represents the synthesis of two great sporting icons – Rolex’s most recognizable and desired vintage steel chronograph, and its present owner, the former seven-times Formula 1 World Champion Michael Schumacher.

The present chronograph provides collectors with not only the opportunity to obtain one of the scarcest references of the Daytona, reference 6262, but also to own an example with incredible and direct provenance to one of the world’s greatest ever Formula 1 Champions.

Reference 6262

No other model of Rolex watch focuses so much attention as the manual-winding Rolex Cosmograph, its many dial variations and different references now so intensely sought after by collectors, it can be said quite unequivocally to be the most desirable vintage watch in the world.

Requiring almost no introduction, Rolex Cosmograph Daytona watches fitted with ‘Paul Newman’ dials have been, and continue to be, the most iconic and coveted of the Daytona.

One of the rarest vintage Rolex Daytonas, reference 6262 was in production for only a very short time between 1970 and 1972. Together with reference 6264, it was the last Rolex chronograph watch featuring the simple round push-down buttons. All future chronograph references, starting with references 6263 and 6265 in 1971 bear screw down chronograph buttons. Reference 6262 was available in stainless steel, as well as 14k and 18k gold. It has a polished metal bezel with engraved tachymeter graduation.

One More Thang!

Michael Schumacher also owned a yellow gold 1966 Rolex Daytona Reference Number 6241, which was also auctioned for CHF 220,000 by Christie's Auction House [Lot 138] in Geneva, and it came with an extra beautiful dial.

Lot Essay from Christie's Auction House

With the most incredible provenance, This incredible Daytona timepiece belonged to no other than seven-time Formula 1 World Champion racing driver Michael Schumacher, this extremely rare 14k gold Rolex reference 6241 is both a key piece for the serious Rolex collector and car enthusiasts alike.

The overall appeal of this 14k gold ref. 6241 is further enhanced by its very good overall condition and matching 14k gold riveted bracelet. The case retains full proportions and crisp gold mark, serial and reference numbers. It displays the traces of bluish oxidation to the case that are a typical indication that the watch has been carefully stored and not used in a very long time. The shade of the full gold reference 6239 bezel with engraved tachymeter scale perfectly matches the case. 

It can therefore be assumed that this bezel must have been added a very long time ago to bestow a new aesthetic by replacing the original ref. 6241 bezel which, for this model is in gold with a black plastic insert. A further noteworthy fact is the designation ‘ROW’ engraved on the movement, confirming that the original destination for this watch was the North American market.