Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Undisputed King Of The DEEP SEA: Jacques Piccard

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The Undisputed King 

Jacques Piccard

Swiss explorer and oceanographer Jacques Piccard is pictured below with his legendary explorer father August Piccard on the Bathyscaphe Trieste in Italy in 1953 just before they set the all-time world depth record.

Jacques Piccard is pictured belwo with his son Bertrand Piccard, who, like his father Jacques and grandfather August, went on to become on of the worlds leading explorers. 

Bertrand and Jacques are pictured below in Palm Beach, Florida posing in front of the NASA Ben Franklin Submersible in 1969, which Jacques Piccard would set a new world record in, by slipping into the Gulf Stream and traveling up from Florida to Halifax Nova Scotia, in Canada, thus having traveled 1,444 miles (2,324km) in a state of neutral buoyancy, meaning it literally floated without any power. Dr. Robert Ballard took over the Ben Franklin after Piccard, years before he discovered the Titanic in its watery grave.