Saturday, February 27, 2010

SUPERMAN & BATMAN: Setting Back to Back World Records!!!

Setting Back to Back World Records!!!

This has been an amazing week in the world of collectible comic books and The Batman ended up beating Superman!!!

The Very First SUPERMAN Comic
Sold For $1Million Last Week
Setting An All-Time Price Record

Last week, set an all-time auction record of $1 Million when it auctioned what is considered to be by many, the Holy Grail of comics, a 1938 edition of Action Comics Superman that originally sold for just 10 cents. Previously the record for a comic book paid at auction was the same Number 1, Superman but in a grade 3.0 which sold for $317,000.

Then The Very First BATMAN Comic
Sold For $1,075,000 Million Yesterday
Setting Another All-Time Price Record

Just yesterday, Heritage Auctions set a new all-time record when they sold a number 27 Batman Comic from May of 1939 which was the very first Batman comic ever printed. This ultra-rare issue is in very good condition. The collector who put this ultra-rare comic up for sale purchased in more than 40 years ago for $100!!!

It's very interesting (as T. Walker Lloyd would say) that the comic book world and collectible coin and collectible stamp worlds have unbiased third party grading companies but vintage Rolex watches do not. Actually a friend of mine has mentioned to me several times, he believes the vintage Rolex world needs such a grading standard, and I agree.