Saturday, February 03, 2024

Jasper Lijfering: King of Vintage

Jasper Lijfering
The K.O.V. (King of Vintage) 

Jasper Lijfering made the news four years ago, when he hand-delivered a vintage Rolex Daytona estimated at $750,000 to Ellen DeGeneres, a story published in The New York Times

Since then, I've followed Jasper, the owner of Amsterdam Vintage Watches, and enjoyed his content, knowledge and tastes — his unpolished opinion. Jasper grew up in the vintage world, and before taking over his parent’s shop in 2014, he studied to become a jeweler-entrepreneur at Schoonhoven College. 

Jasper has worked at several jewelry shops in Amsterdam before running his own. I think you will enjoy this recent interview of him where he touts... the Jasper dial.