Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Rolex Coolness: Donald Draper- Mad Men Rolex Explorer-Back To The Future

Rolex Super-Coolness: Donald Draper
Mad Men Rolex Explorer
Back To The Future

Mad Men is probably the best show on TV today and it was created and written and produced by one of the producers of the Sopranos named Matthew Weiner. Mad Men just won three Emmy Awards last week, and has won a total of 13 Emmy Awards despite the fact it is only in the middle of its fourth season!!!

The main star of Mad Men is named Donald Draper and he is played unbelievably well by Jon Hamm. In the photo below we see Jon Hamm wearing his now trademark Rolex Explorer.

I can't help but wonder if Jon Hamm wearing the Rolex is product placement or not? I remember last season Jon Hamm talked about getting Rolex as an account, and suddenly this season he is wearing a Rolex Explorer. The reason I think it might be product placement is because he is always wearing it out of his French cuffs proudly, almost like he is trying to constantly show it off, which is just fine by me ;-)

One of the challenges is despite the fact that Season 4 takes place in 1965, his Rolex Explorer appears to have a synthetic sapphire crystal which would make it a bit historically inaccurate.

I guess it does not matter if it is historically incorrect, because in the photo below we see Jon Hamm on the set of Mad Men rocking his 4th Generation iPhone while he is wearing his modern Rolex Explorer ;-) This is fascinating when you look at the corded dial-up phone pictured above and compare it with the 4G iPhone pictured below.

In this next photo we see two of the actors on Mad Men rocking an Apple Macbook Pro on the set of Mad Men which is also kind of funny in and interesting way. I have written extensively in the past about Mad Men, which is fascinating.

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