Saturday, February 07, 2009

Rolex Photo of the Month: Vintage Yellow Gold Rolex Daytona With All The Great Options...

Whole Lotta Love

Stefano Mazzariol from Italy took this stunning photo of his yellow gold 1980s vintage Daytona [Reference 6265] that came with a booklet with the Porsche 928 on the front. Were the 80s cool or what!?! Also, what an AMAZING PHOTO Stefano!!! Thanks for sending it in!!! 

I can hear Led Zeppelin playing "Whole Lotta Love" in the background when I look at this photo. Seriously!!! Click play on the video below and then look at the photo...

Macro Shot of the Day: Rolex Crown Coronet Etching

Magical Macro: Rolex Coronet

Photo Credit: Lifebreath