Thursday, June 10, 2010

Space Shuttle Atlantis Final Flight...

Space Shuttle Atlantis Final Flight
Kennedy Space Center

The U.S. Air Force f-15 Strike Eagle pictured below was patrolling the area where the Space Shuttle Atlantis took off as it roared into space on its final flight on May 14, 2010. What an amazing photo from the U.S. Air Force!!! Speaking of NASA and the U.S. Air Force, we have some amazing Rolex history coming up that covers both!!!

iPhone 4 Preview The Future Has Arrived

iPhone 4 Preview
The Ceramic Supercase Stainless Submariner of Smartphones
The Future Has Arrived

The all-new Apple iPhone 4 is on its way to market, and in many ways, it is remarkably similar to the all-new stainless-steel Rolex Submariner that will be hitting the market at the same time. Even the new Super-case on the iPhone is now made from a "special" ultra-high-grade stainless steel.

As many of you know, ever since the iPad came out, I have been working on optimizing Jake's Rolex World to work perfectly on it. As it turns out, doing so has also completely optimized it for the iPhone.

B.T,W., the all-new iPhone 4 is pictured below with its ultra-high-defintion screen which is truly magnificent!!!!

I used to "not get it" when it came to viewing Jake's Rolex World on the iPhone. I used to think that people would only want to really check it out on a laptop or desktop. That was, until I saw it laid-out properly on the iPhone!!! It turns out that it is really an enjoyable experience viewing Jake's Rolex World on the iPhone, and in particular, if you are out-and-about or you are waiting somewhere.

One of the questions you might be asking about the image above, is whether or not you can read Jake's Rolex World in a full-screen "kiosk" mode on the iPhone as depicted above? The answer is yes!!!

All you need, is to go to the Apple iTunes Store, and download a free browser named "Atomic Web," which has a full-screen kiosk mode. Atomic Web Browser works on the iPhone and iPad and allows you to navigate any web page as if it were an actual iPad or iPhone application!!! I decided to optimize all of Jake's Rolex World site for the iPad and iPhone running in Safari, or much better yet, in Atomic Web, as apposed to building applications.

Building separate apps would require maintaining two different databases which is unnecessarily redundant in my mind. Of course you can just check out in Safari on the iPhone or iPad but then you get the ugly address bar and navigation bar which elementally compete with the content. If you use the full-screen mode, in Atomic Web, it looks beautiful. Atomic Web Browser for iPad and iPhone has a free version and the full version in only 99 cents.

When I view Jake's Rolex World on the iPhone and iPad, I only do so in the Atomic Web Browser, which I very highly recommend–and yes, Atomic Web Browser works on all models of iPhone.

Amazing Design

The iPhone 4 is nothing short of stunning!!! It has an all-new 326 pixel per square inch screen which makes it higher in resolution that printed pages in fine books!!! The new screen is 960 x 640 pixels and 3.5 diagonal inches, which gives you 78% of the pixels an iPad has!!!

Just for the record this is 614,400 pixels that are 78 micrometers wide each!!! This all-new innovative ultra-high-resolution screen alone completely changes the nature of the game and will make everything look great including detailed photos.

The new iPhone 4 is also 25% skinnier than the current iPhone and even narrower in width as seen below.

From the specs, the all-new iPhone also has a backlit 5 megapixel backlit camera sensor which should perform really well in low light conditions. The camera also has an LED flash that works both on the still and video camera. It also has a mind-boggling 720P video camera that captures 30 frames per second!!!!!

What does all this mean? It means we will no longer need to carry around a point-and-shoot or a video camera!!!!!!!!

The iPhone also has a new, second VGA camera on the front, to you can video conference or just see yourself like you are looking in the mirror. This will no doubt be popular with women who want to check their makeup ;-)

I could go on forever talking about all the great details that make the upcoming iPhone so compelling, but If you are interested in learning all the amazing details of the all-new iPhone, I highly recommend watching Steve Jobs' 2010 WWDC Keynote.