Sunday, July 09, 2023




RFK Jr., Musk & Trump

Alex Jones has been a highly controversial figure for many decades now, but that is not surprising as many, many men who have worn Rolex have been independent-minded barrier breakers and critical thinkers who beat to their own drum, and have gone against the grain of the status quo. Alex thinks very highly of RFK Jr and is impressed with his bid for the U.S. Presidency in 2024. I am also a huge fan of RFK Jr., and have a blog dedicated to showcasing his progress toward the U.S. Presidency.

I want to give Alex a complement in that I think he has really cool Rolex style in the sense I think his navy blue T-Shirt with the logos looks really cool with his LV Submariner. Alex Jones has been wearing Rolex for a long time, and in the photo below taken years ago, we see him rocking a standard black dial/black bezel Rolex Submariner. 

Today as we see above he seems to primarily wear an LV Submariner. 

I can't figure out if Alex Jones is wearing a green dial Hulk or a black dial LV Submariner. Most of the time it looks like he is wearing a black dial Submariner, but in the photo below, it looks like his dial might be green!?!!

Below is a recent video where Alex Jones talks about RFK Jr., President Trump, and Elon Musk.