Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Roger Federer Does It Again U.S. Open Magic...

Roger Federer Does It Again!!!
The Greatest Tennis Player In History
U.S. Open Magic Just Today

Last week we saw this crazy-amazing video on Roger Federer, and you almost have to wonder if it is real, but when you see the between-the-leg shot from yesterday at the U.S. Open it must be!!! Roger Federer is like the Superman of Tennis!!!! Just Amazing!!!!!!

Captain James Hulme Rolex Out In The Field Of Duty In Afghanistan

Rolex In The Field Of Duty In Afghanistan
United Kingdom's Household Cavalry
Rolex Datejust On A NATO Strap

James who is a Captain from the United Kingdom's Cavalry sent in this fascinating photo with the following note:

Hi Jake,

I've been a big fan of Jake's Rolex World Magazine for ages.

I'm an Officer in the British army in a unit called the Household Cavalry. I was recently on a fairly eventful and action packed Operational Tour to Helmand Province in Afghanistan.

I took a photo of my Oyster Perpetual Day Date, silver striped face, with a black webbing strap. I thought that it looked quite smart. Anyway, a great watch, I've worn it not-stop for the last five years, and it has seen some hard hits. Assault courses, ambushes, fire-fights.

I also own an 18k yellow gold Submariner–needless to say, I don't wear that one in the army, shame, I think it would make quite an amusing photo.

Keep up the good work with the site.

Best Regards,

Captain James XXXXX
The Household Cavalry
United Kingdom