Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Jay Hernandez: Rolex Watches On and Off-Screen

Rising Rolex Star...

Jay Hernandez

Toy Story 4

I watched "Toy Story 4" with my family this past weekend (no spoilers here!), and one of the voices is played by a Rolex-wearing rising star, Jay Hernandez. Jake wrote about Jay Hernandez last year when the reboot of "Magnum P.I." was first announced by CBS. Though the actor wouldn't be wearing Tom Selleck's 'stache for the reprisal of the role, the viewers were promised the red Ferrari, the dobermanns and, of course, the Rolex Pepsi GMT-Master. 

I've been enjoying the reboot, and Jay brings a fun, laid-back personality to Thomas Magnum's character. He still asks his buddies for favors and never gets hung up on money, even from his clients, though he seems always broke. For him, that justice is served and the case closed are what's important. 

I thought Jay was given the Pepsi GMT-Master II 16710 just for the role but until recently, I was unaware he was a Rolex fan.

Here the California native rocks his Batman while being interviewed alongside Perdita Weeks, who plays Juliett Higgins in "Magnum P.I." 

Jay Hernandez also likes to rock his Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39 with dark rhodium dial. 

Before his role in "Magnum P.I.," he starred alongside Mila Kunis as the hot dad in the comedy film "Bad Moms," where he was already wearing his personal stainless steel Submariner pre-ceramic 16610LN.

He was recently cast as one of the voices in "Toy Story 4," as the child's father, and now wears a two-tone ceramic Submariner 116613LN.

Few know that Jay didn't aspire to be an actor. While riding an elevator in a high-rise in Los Angeles, he was approached by a talent manager who suggested Jay had what it took to have a successful career in Hollywood. He enrolled Jay into acting school and sent his pictures to casting agents. Every Rolex tells a story, and Jay's is shaping to be an interesting one!

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Rolex Studio Shot of the Day: Lorenzo's Submariner 5508...

...Rolex Studio Shot Of The Day...

Lorenzo's Rolex Submariner
[Reference 5508]

Lorenzo Belliini took this superb photo of his incredibly cool vintage Rolex Submariner [Reference 5508]. This fantastic and rare 5508 has four lines and a shiny gilt dial. So Cool!!!

Monday, June 24, 2019

Rolex Coolness: Tom Selleck: Still Prefers Pepsi after 4 Decades...

...Rolex Coolness...

Tom Selleck

A Brilliant Life & Career of Achievement

With A Pepsi GMT Telling His Time

I just completed a Major update on this story which now features many more cool photos of Tom Selleck wearing Rolex watches including this one with Frank Sinatra who was a guest star on Magnum P.I.

This time last year I published a story about The Return of The Magnum P.I. Show to ABC which looks great! Ned Saric, who is a regular reader of Jake's Rolex World recently wrote in to share a fascinating Tom Selleck interview that was published by The Haute Horologie Journal. The quote below came from the Haute Horology Jornal interview:

"I've had my fair share of "sport" watches but never one as tough as the Rolex Pepsi." 
—Tom Selleck

The Pepsi

In the interview mentioned above, Haute Horologie asked Tom Selleck: "What about the famous Rolex GMT-Master Pepsi, a legend for collectors?" Tom Selleck responded: 

"My Rolex GMT-Master has been underwater, buried in sand, taken I don’t know how many knocks, and never a problem. It’s called the Pepsi because the bezel colors are the same as the Pepsi logo. Personally, I thought the red went well with the Ferrari and the blue matched Hawaii’s lagoons and sky." 
—Tom Selleck

There is something really iconic about Tom Selleck style. First of all, he doesn't look like anybody else. He has his own unique look. It is fascinating to note that in my opinion, Tom Selleck epitomizes the GMT-Master more than anybody I can think of. The way he wore his Rolex GMT-Master on Magnum P.I. is so iconic, just like his Ferrari 308 GTS.

The photo below is a screen grab from an episode of Magnum P.I., which shows Tom Selleck's Reference 1675 Rolex Pepsi GMT he wore on the show.

In the photo below we see Tom Selleck on the set of Magnum P.I., sitting next to Frank Sinatra who starred on an episode of Magnum P.I. Sinatra's appearance on Magnum was his last appearance on a TV show.

In the photo below we see Tom Selleck with legendary comedian and actress, Carol Burnett who was also a guest star on Magnum P.I.

Tom Selleck
As Jesse Stone

The photos above are of Tom Selleck playing Magnum P.I. which began in 1980. In the images you see Tom sporting his trademark Pepsi GMT Master and in the images below from you see him starring recently in Jesse Stone, still wearing his Pepsi Rolex GMT Master after all these years. Really cool if you ask me!!!!!

Tom Selleck is pictured above with his Rolex and a 1911A1 cocked and locked, which is classic cool. Today I am officially designating the Pepsi Rolex GMT-Master as The Tom Selleck Pepsi GMT-Master. If you can think of anybody who you think better symbolizes the Pepsi GMT-Master than Tom Selleck, please let me know!?!

In the recent photo below we see Tom Selleck is still wearing his timeless Pepsi Rolex GMT-Master.

The Gold GMT-Master

In the photos below we see Tom Selleck as Magnum P.I., sporting a yellow gold Rolex GMT Master. The first image below shows Tom Selleck on the cover of People Magazine from March 8, 1982, and notice he is wearing his yellow gold Rolex GMT-Master.

Three Men & a Datejust

Tom Selleck also wears a two-tone Rolex Datejust and the earliest known image I found of him wearing it is pictued below from 1987 when he starred in the major motion picture titled Three Men & A Baby.


Playing Courtney Cox's Boyfriend

Tom Selleck played the recurring role of Dr. Richard Burke who was Monica's boyfriend on the ultra-successful TV show Friends on Season 2 (1995), 3 (1996) and 6 (1999). 

Blue Bloods

Playing New York City Chief of Police: Frank Reagan

Tom Selleck's most recent and current role is in the TV show, Blue Bloods, where he plays the NYC Chief Of Police.

In the photo below we see him still wearing his two-tone Rolex Datejust, on a Jubilee bracelet.