Monday, October 3, 2022

Ceramic LV Submariner Bezel Insert

Ceramic LV Submariner Bezel Insert

This is an amazing Rolex photo of the current ceramic Rolex LV Submariner bezel insert. If you look closely at the detail, it is incredible how the markers are etched into the ceramic!!!! 

Rolex "Egyptian" Day-Date

1985 Rolex "Egyptian" Day-Date 

36mm OYSTERQUARTZ: Reference 19028

This stunning Rolex Egyptian Day-Date OYSTERQUARTZ photo is from Antiquorum, and features this over-the-top trippy Rolex Day-Date Oysterquartz that was made in 1985. The watch features a beautifully finished walnut dial, with a bezel with pyramids running around it, as well as down the bracelet. It seems like every time I think I am have come close to seeing it all with Rolex, I come across something else...Is Ronald Reagan still the President? You gotta love the eighties...

I think Rolex should bring back the walnut wood dials in the future, but with modernized makers, as it offers such an naturally (organic) vibe...This Rolex Day-Date model stands testament to the fact that Rolex historically experimented like crazy with enhancing details on many, many different models...In my upcoming set of 12 books on the history of Rolex I go into great detail on the history of the Rolex OYSTERQUARTZ models and will be offering a great deal of previously undocumented insight on their genesis...