Saturday, September 24, 2022

Apple Ultra v. Rolex Explorer 'Orange Hand'


Apple Ultra


Rolex Explorer 'Orange Hand'

Captain Danny texted me the photo below saying "Really impressed with the Ultra". I was kind of shocked by his image since when I first saw the Apple Ultra it instantly reminded me of the "Orange Hand" Rolex Explorer—as they both have that touch of safety orange 'Space Odyssey 2001 Retro kind of vibe. It was obviously just a coincidence Captain Danny was wearing his Orange Hand Explorer II, and took this G-Money image of it next to the Apple Watch Ultra, but Daaayuuum, this photo perfectly illustrates what I have been talking about this whole time...

Apple's first 'SMART TOOLWATCH" named The 'ULTRA' pictured above 

next to the current Rolex Explorer II 'Orange Hand'.

As Captain Danny and I talked over text he mentioned he was on a layover in Hawaii and at the Ala Moana in Honolulu and he dropped by the Apple store. I asked him why he was impressed with the Ultra? He responded: "It’s unbelievably light and comfortable." The lightweight aspect is based upon the fact the case is made out of Titanium, and the fact that it's 49MM tall, and very thick, but lightweight is fascinating.

I haven't seen the Apple Watch Ultra in person, but plan to do a detailed video review of it for Jake's Apple Watch World, and will include it here on Jake's Rolex World. When Apple first launched the Ultra model I ran a story on it, and recently I published a story about how Apple coincidentally created an image remarkable similar to a vintage 1960 Rolex Explorer Ad.