Wednesday, September 07, 2022

Apple Titanium 49MM Beast Apple's DEEP-SEA/Explorer


Apple Titanium 49MM Beast

Apple's Ultra DEEP-SEA/Explorer

During Apple's iPhone Keynote today, they also introduced the Apple Watch Series 8, which includes a curious new model named The Apple Watch Ultra, which is a 49MM beast made out of titanium as seen below with a SAFETY Orange strap. I believe this new model is aimed directly at Rolex tool/professional watches. Essentially, this new model is like a DEEP-SEA had a baby with a Rolex Orange Hand Explorer, that then had a baby with an Apple Watch, which then had a baby with a Daytona :-0

Apple's video for the Apple Watch Ultra titanium sports watch almost looks like it was produced by Rolex...

The Apple Watch Ultra below is identical to the model pictured above, but this model features a strap named the Midnight Ocean Band, which totally give it a Casio G-Shock/ Seiko Divers Watch kind of vibe... 

Speaking of Titanium Tool Watches on a black strap, this puppy reminds me of the exclusive story our Captain Danny broke on Sir Ben Ainslie rocking his prototype 42MM Yacht-Master on a black strap.

The new $799 Apple Watch Ultra / Tool Watch model is also being offered on a new strap named the "Black/Gray Trail Loop" which looks like Sir Ben's strap pictured above.

If you are wearing a Rolex on your wrist, or an Apple Watch for that matter, you likely are rocking an iPhone. Perhaps the most outstanding announcement today from the Apple Keynote, which can see seen below was the 48 Megapixel camera on the new iPhone 14 Pro, which also features an always on screen...