Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Fidel Castro's Sons & Rolex

...Like Father Like Sons...

Castro Family & Rolex

Cuban revolutionary and dictator, Fidel Castro recently passed away, and I wrote a story on his passing. Of course, I have written extensively on Fidel Castro's Rolex watches in the past. Fidel Casto was and remains in many ways an enigmatic historical figure, but at the end-of-the-day, he was just like you and me. He put his pants on one leg at a time.

So you go to law school but you don't become a lawyer. Instead, you decide you don't like the way things are going in your beautiful Caribbean paradise, so you get the American's to support your overthrowing of the Batista government. You put a Rolex on your wrist, create a revolution, overthrow the government, and take over. 

Then decide you don't like the American's or capitalism, so you convert your island nation from Capitalism to Communism and you go up against President Kennedy and completely scare him silly, along with the rest of the western hemisphere. You have a collection of Rolex watches and you often wear a few of them at a time. You have an unlimited supply of the best Cuban cigars in the world, along with swimming pools full of the best Cuban Rum.

Beautiful Women love and idolize you. They throw themselves at you constantly, and can't seem to keep their hands off you.

Gorgeous women just walk up and randomly kiss you all the time. So what happens next? I'll let you do the math on that one :-)

Fidel Castro had 9 recognized children in total—with 5 different women. I say he had '9 recognized' children, as it is rumored he had several other children he kept a secret. Looks like Fidel Castro has Mick Jagger beat in this department!! Actually, Mick Jagger at age 72 is about to have his eighth baby, so the rock star can still match or beat the dictator!!!

Fidelito Castro 
Fidel Castro's First Son

Fidel Castro's oldest son is named Fidelito Castro, and he is pictured below with his father Fidel Castro in 1959 at the Havana Hilton Hotel in Cuba, (More on the irony of this a little later in the story). In the photo below Fidelito is inspecting his father's Rolex Day-Date with an early Rolex 'President' bracelet. We also see Fidel wearing his Rolex GMT-Master on his left wrist along with another watch that is flipped-around out of view. 

Fidel used to wear two or three watches a the same time, and I have speculated for many years, he did this to keep time in Cuba and in Moscow. Either that or he just liked wearing multiple Rolex watches like Drake!?!!

The recent photo below is of Fidel Castro's son, Fidelito Castro, and we see he is wearing a stainless steel and gold Rolex Datejust on a Jubilee Bracelet. So Doesn't Fidelito Castro look just like his father!?!! It is ironic that Fidelito pictured above, inspecting his father's Rolex 'El Presidente', is pictured below 57 years later, wearing a somewhat similar looking Rolex Datejust!?!!

The recent video below features Fidel Castro's son Fidelito, in an interview which is in Spanish.

The selfie photo below was taken by Paris Hilton in Havana, Cuba, and she is posing with Fidel Castro's son Fidelito who is a nuclear physicist and obviously looks very similar to had father. Ironically, Paris Hilton's paternal grandfather, Conrad Hilton, built the Havana Hilton Hotel that Fidelito's father, Fidel Castro confiscated from him. Ironically, this is the same Havana Hilton pictured in the photo 3 photos above that shows young Fidelito with his father, checking out his Rolex Day-Date.

Things are obviously changing quickly in Cuba. There seems to be a new openness or perestroika emerging, and perhaps this photo of Paris Hilton and Fidelito Castro is like seeing the first photos of the Berlin Wall being torn-down back in the Ronald Reagan ERA.

Antonio Castro
Fidel Castro's Son

In the photo below we see Fidel Castro's son, Antonio Castro smoking a Cuban cigar. Antonio Castro is a Doctor in Cuba.

In the photo below we see Fidel Castro meeting with Pope Benedict XVI in Cuba in 2012. We see Fidel Castro's son, Antonio Castro between them, and he is wearing a Rolex Explorer II, with a polar white dial.

Fidel Castro's son, Antonio Castro is pictured below wearing his Rolex Explorer II, with a polar dial. Contrast the fact Antonio Castro is wearing an Adidas jersey, with Oakley sunglasses, while wearing a Rolex Explorer II on his wrist, with his father's standard military uniform with green cargo pants. The times they are a changin'...

Fidel Castro's niece, Mariela Castro is the daughter of Fidel's brother, Raúl Castro, who is currently the President of Cuba. Mariela Castro is pictured below with her husband Paolo Titolo, who is also wearing a Polar Rolex Explorer II. Paolo is from Italy and is a photographer. 

The photo below is of Raúl Castro, who is Fidel Castro's brother and the current President Of Cuba. Raúl Castro fought side by side with his brother Fidel Castro and Che Guevara during the Cuban Revolution. Raúl Castro is pictured below standing next to his son, Raúl Guillermo Rodriguez Castro. I can't make a 100% positive ID, but it sure looks like his son Raúl is wearing a polar white Rolex Explorer II as well...I have also seen photos before of Raúl Castro (the dad) wearing a Rolex during the Cuban Revolution.

It is fascinating to note that the Castro family wearing Rolex for multiple generations is similar to other famous families including The Cousteau family. This is an interesting concept, and one that Patek Philippe has capitalized upon with their slogan that says, "You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely take care of it for the next generation." I don't nessasariy always agree with this idea, but we often see it. Probably much more often with Rolex than with Patek Philippe. This reminds me of Stephen Marche's super-profound quote that says:

“Progress doesn't saunter into the world; it staggers. Grown-ups don't often change their minds about the important political and social questions of their time. Change arrives because their children are born into a whole new set of assumptions different from those of their parents.” –Stephen Marche

David or Goliath?

Now that Fidel Castro belongs to the ages, a key question is whether he was David or Goliath? I would say he began as David, and evolved into Goliath.

One thing for certain is that Fidel Castro is a highly controversial man, and it is fascinating to note Fidel Castro lived to see the day that an American President came to Cuba. In other words, Fidel Castro himself, lived to see Cuba make peace with the U.S.A.

1962 Stein Eriksen Rolex Explorer Skiing Ad

Stein Eriksen

Rolex Explorer Skiing Ad
Winter Olympics Skiing Gold Medal Winner

Jean-Claude Killy's is the man people think of when they think of Rolex and Skiing, but the best Olympic Skier prior to Killy, was is Stein Eriksen. It is fascinating to realize that J.F.K., was the President Of The United States when this 1962 Rolex Explorer ad was published in magazines!!!

In the two photo below, we see Stein Eriken  with his grandson, and we see him wearing his Rolex Explorer II.

"Be tough, be confident, but you will never be a whole person if you aren't humble."
–Stein Eriksen

Stein Eriksen was born in Norway and lived an amazing life!!! In the 1952 Winter Olympics, held in Oslo, Norway, he won the gold medal for Giant Slalom and Silver for Slalom. Stein Eriksen was born in 1927 and passed away in December 2015. The photo of him below taken at age 83!!! 

Stein Eriksen was also the first man to win three gold medals at the world championship which was held 61 years ago in Are in Sweden. He was the first skier to win Gold, in Slalom, Giant Slalom and Downhill at a single World Championship held in 1954.

Growing up Stein Eriksen was a gymnast which he incorporated into his skiing skills and he was the first skiing superstar. He is pictured below in the early 1950s. Stein Eriksen was a pioneer in modern skiing and his elegant skiing technique where he kept his legs, skis and boots together is considered to have have revolutionized freestyle skiing. 

With his gymnastics background, Stein Eriksen is renowned for inventing the freestyle skiing areal, which went on to become a freestyle skiing event.

Since Stein Eriksen was the pioneer of ariels, he must have seriously freaked-out spectators!!!

After Stein Eriken retired from professional skiing, he moved to the United States and served as the Director Of Skiing at Deer Valley Resort located in Park City, Utah.