Saturday, December 05, 2009

Rolex Lume Shots of the Day: Stainless Daytona...

Eduardo Cordova
Who's Afraid Of The Dark?
Rolex Daytona Lume Power

Eduardo who is a daily reader of Jake's Rolex Watch Blog sent in these great stainless Daytona Shots and he wrote:

"Hi Jake...There are many people thinking Daytona's don't glow in the dark...what do you think?"

The image above and below are amazing and you have to click on them to check them out full-size. They also make great desktop wallpaper!!! Just click on them to make them full size, then right click on the image and save them to your computer.

Rolex Coolness: Jean Claude Van Damme...

Rolex Coolness: Jean Claude Van Damme
One Of The Great Martial Artists
A Career With Rolex On His Wrist

Jean Claude Van Damme is one bad-ass dude and one of the greatest martial artists that ever lived–even been compared to Bruce Lee. If you don't believe me, click here.

Here is another great martial art scene that shows how great of a martial artist Jean-Claude is.

This is a fascinating 1991 interview with Arsenio Hall interviewing Jean-Claude Van Damme and Jean-Claude is wearing a yellow gold Rolex Daytona almost 20 years ago.

Bruce Lee
The Master

Since we are looking at martial arts we gotta check out Bruce Lee who started the whole thing. In his early career in the United States, Bruce Lee played Kato on the TV show, The Green Hornet.

Of course, Bruce Lee went on to make great action movies like Enter The Dragon and Game Of Death.

Turn the volume way up!!!!

This is a scene from the 1978 movie, Game Of Death which is one of the most famous Bruce Lee fight scenes where he fights with Kareem Abdul Jabbar who is one of the greatest basketball players in history:

This is a really fascinating full-lenght interview with Bruce Lee!!!!:

Bernhard's Porsche Design Shades

Bernhard's Vintage Rolex Meets Vintage Porsche
Form Meets Function & High Style

Bernhard took this great shot of his vintage Porsche Design shades which he has had since he was 16. Ironically, Porsche discontinued selling them many years ago, but just last week brought them back to market. They stopped making them when Yoko kept wearing them. Just kidding ;-))) Only about the Yoko part. Imagine..... ;-)))

Bernhard is a great Rolex photographer and he paired up his vintage Rolex Submariner 5513 with his vintage Porshe Design shade which make a great combination. You can always find Bernhard on his 100Percent-Rolex Blog by clicking here.

Porsche Hotness
1970 Porsche Tapiro by Guigaro

Since we are on topic of 1970s Porsche design I though I would share this photo with you of an ultra-rare Porsche prototype named the Delorean. Oops!?! Just kidding again!!! Actually, this Porsche design prototype named the Porsche Tapiro was designed by Guigaro. Now if you just had the Porsche Design Shades, The car and the girl, you would be stoked!!!