Sunday, November 20, 2022

30th Anniversary Celebration 1992 COMEX HYDRA 10


30th Anniversary Celebration


Theo Mavrostomos

701 Meters=2300 Feet

Exactly 30 years ago today, or November 20, 1992, COMEX set a new world record of in an on-shore hyperbaric diving chamber. This time COMEX diver, Theo Mavrostomos sustained 701 Meters (2300 Feet) and it took him 43 days to complete his dive. Theo dove on a special breathing gas mixture of Hydeliox (Hydrogen, Helium & Oxygen). 

Theo Mavrostomos wore his Rolex SEA-DWELLER [Reference 16600] when he set this amazing record in 1992 (as seen below). This model of SEA-DWELLER had a 1,219 Meter depth-rating which is equal to 4000 feet. This set the all-time depth-record for a simulated dive with remains to this day. Together Rolex and COMEX had pushed the absolute boundaries of what was necessary or realistic.