Saturday, June 21, 2008

Rolex Explorer II on a Kevlar Sport Strap with Cyclops Date Lens Removed... ...

PSAN from Denmark took these shots of his Stainless Rolex Explorer II with a black nylon sports strap and I can't believe how cool it looks.

Note that PSAN removed the Cyclops Date Magnifier Lens which contributes to the streamlined look.

It is amazing how many great looks you can achieve with a Rolex if you are willing to experiment creatively. I think in a way the nylon sports strap looks much cleaner, elegant and cool than a NATO!?!

You have got to click on these images to see them close up!!!

People keep asking me where they can buy this really cool black Kevlar sports strap? You can find it by clicking here [unaffiliated link]. PSAN suggests getting a 21mm wide strap for 20mm lug width to ensure a snug fit.

Photo Credit: PSAN