Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Dream Daytona

I was so inspired by PCS's customized GMT's with the Explorer dial I could not resist putting this up.  PCS's watches are soooo cooool looking.

You can see even more of  his stunning images toward the bottom of this page:

I think there are potentially so many cool Rolex Designs that do not exist yet that many people would love.  In particular, I think Rolex should do some retro Rolex Daytona Limited Edition watches.

I am an advanced graphic designer and illustrator and I love the old Paul Newman Daytona's, so I decided to design my own and make it even better.  Here are my "Jake's Dream Daytona" images:

My design is based on the original Paul Newman Daytona but with may improvements.

In the photo below, I have my Dream Daytona in green on the left next to the current white dial daytona

The two watches below are also my designs.