Saturday, August 18, 2018

The Prince Of Cool: Chad McQueen

The Prince Of Cool

Chad McQueen

Rolex Submariner
Reference 5512

I recently interviewed Chad McQueen. Chad mentioned to me that his father gave him two Rolex Submariner watches when he passed away—a Reference 5512, as well as a Reference 5513. Chad has his father's charisma is one really cool dude!!! In many ways, Chad followed in his father's footsteps as we will learn in this story...

Chad McQueen in the 1980s wearing his father's Rolex Submariner

The photo below appears courtesy of Charles Tearle and shows Chad's actual Rolex Submariner Reference 5512 that his father Steve McQueen gave him before he passed away in 1980. The provenance of this watch is beyond refuting and as real as the real-deal gets.

The Queen Of Cool

Neile Adams McQueen

Chad's mother, Neile Adams McQueen (The Queen of Cool) is pictured below, and she told me that her husband, Steve McQueen purchased the two Rolex Submariner models in Zurich, Switzerland around Christmas of 1969. 

In the next photo, we see Neile Adams McQueen waiting with her husband Steve McQueen as he prepares to race at Sebring in 1970.

In the photo below we see Steve and Neile McQueen with Chad and his sister, Terry McQueen.

Below is a photo of Steve McQueen at Sebring with wife Neile, son Chad, and daughter Terry talking with Steve during a break.

In the photos below we see Chad with his father Steve McQueen on the set of Le Mans, and notice Steve is wearing his Rolex Submariner.

Steve McQueen is pictured below with his son Chad McQueen in September of 1971 at the California 500 Indycar race in Ontario, California.

In this next photo taken many years later, we see Chad McQueen with his mother, Neile, and sister Terry.

Chad's sister Terry wore a yellow gold Rolex Lady-Date as seen in the photo below on the left side. In this photo, Terry is holding her daughter Molly, who is also pictured on the right photo being held by her grandmother Neile. 

Unfortunately, Terry passed away years ago but was raised by her grandmother Neile. When I recently interviewed Neile, she mentioned that Molly has her mother's Rolex Lady-Date today. Terry and Molly are pictured again below with Terry wearing her Rolex Lady Date.

Neile is pictured below in a recent photo with her granddaughter Molly.

In this next photo, we see Chad with his mom and his first wife. Notice Chad is wearing one of his dad's Rolex Submariner models.

Chad McQueen and I also discussed how in the future he will share more details with me about his father's Rolex Submariner watches, which is very exciting!! 

Chad McQueen in the 1980s wearing his father's Rolex Submariner

The King Of Cool

Steve McQueen

Chad's dad, Steve McQueen, known as The King Of Cool is pictured below wearing his Rolex Submariner with his super-cool fold-up Person Sunglasses. I first began chronicling Steve McQueen wearing Rolex Submariner models back in 2008 in a 4-Part Profiles In Coolness series I wrote on Steve McQueen.

It is interesting to note that Chad wears his dad's Submariner on his right wrist—just like his father did.

Below we see a photo of Neile McQueen with her son Chad and grandson Steven McQueen, who is Chad's son.

Speaking of COOL—below is a photo of Steven McQueen who is Neile & Steve McQueen's grandson, and his parents are Stacey Toten and Chad McQueen. Steven McQueen is a talented actor and appears to be down to earth and very friendly.

I've written so much in the past about Steve McQueen, yet I am still in awe of how cool he really was. Long LIVE THE KING OF COOL!!!!