Friday, May 29, 2009

Flipper Friday Season 1 [Episode 6: Dolphin For Sale]

Flipper Friday
Season 1 [Episode 6: Dolphin For Sale]
Original Air Date: October 24, 1964

In this episode of Flipper Friday I would say we definately have a 100% Positive ID (Short of a dial shot, which I hope to find in the future) on Porter Ricks Stainless Steel Rolex Submariner which appears to be a Reference 5512 or 5513.

I also noticed the other Warden who Porter Ricks has a conversation with has the same uniform and he is also wearing a stainless steel Rolex Submariner. Pretty cool that it was standard issue.

Sandy Submariner

I was watching the episode of Flipper from last week again, and I was tripping on Sandy's watch. At first, I assumed it was not a Submariner because it is not on an Oyster bracelet, and it seems smaller, but when I took a closer look, it appears to be an older 37mm No Crown Guard, Rolex Submariner. I also think I remember seeing a photo from a later season of Sandy wearing a Submariner on an Oyster bracelet.

When we zoom in and look closer, it seems to have all the characteristics of an older, and smaller Rolex Submariner. What do you think?

It appears the watch has a cyclops date lens at 3pm, but I believe that is just a drop of water since he just got out of the water. There also appears to be a drop of water at 12.