Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Customized Vintage Rolex Corvette, Rolex Hurricane & Rolex Royal...

March 8, 2012 Update on this story:

I originally published this story 4 years ago in 2008. I remember how excited I was to find out that Rolex made a Corvette model watch! A person I knew and trusted at the time, told me I was making a fool out of myself, because he insisted the watches were not real. He told me they were absolutely fake and told me I should take them down. I refused, to take them down, because they looked real to me, and instead, I put up a "Questionable Authenticity" tag on them.

Fast forward to today. I received an extremely nasty email from somebody who did not bother mentioning their name, and I posted it below their apparent image on this page. The simple truth is I was misinformed by a pretentious idiot who was wrong. So today, I removed the "Questionable Authenticity" label, and I sincerely apologize for my error.

Below is the nasty email I received in my inbox from

You owe me a Mia Culpa! First, you stole a picture of mine from the internet (it isn't hard to get permission when someone posts on a forum - you just register with the Forum ( and then PM or Email the poster to ask permission to use a picture!

Here is your blog link:

Then you DISSED my picture saying that you had a (un) reliable source who said that the watches never existed!

My friend - you owe me. You owe me for stealing my very real picture of my very real and very genuine watches. And you owe me a public mia culpa on your blog for not following through on your promise to investigate further.

Below is a 95% complete list of the names of the Rolex (and Tudor) watches that were made over the course of the 40s (and some into the fifties)...

If you doubt me, start a thread on TimeZone. I promise to watch and I will post a copy of an original ad for both the Hurricane and the Corvette. You'll find me registered as CanadianOysterWatcher on TimeZone.

Oyster Lipton
Oyster Commander -
Oyser Shipmate -
Oyster Chester -
Oyster Raleigh -
Oyser Regent -
Oyster Lincoln -
Oyster Wellington -
Marconi -
Oyster Pioneer -
Rolex Oyster Viceroy -
Rolex Oyster Royal Observatory -
Rolex Oyster Royalite Observatory -
Rolex Oyster Army -
Rolex Oyster Imperial -
Rolex Corvette Observatory -
Rolex Hurricane Observatory -
Rolex Oyster Ellsworth Observatory
Rolex London Chronometer Observatory -
Rolex Oyster Falcon Observatory -
Rolex Oyster Firefly Observatory -
Rolex Oyster Majestic Observatory -
Rolex Oyster Pall Mall Observatory -
Rolex Oyster Royalite -
Rolex Oyster Royal - Royal Navy
Rolex Oyster Seaforth Observatory - .
Rolex Oyster Drake Precision -
Oyster Grenfell -
Rolex Skyrocket -
Rolex Wellington -
Rolex Victory -
Oyster Explorer -
Oyster Edison -
Oyster Neptune -
Princeton Oyster -
Rolex Oyster Everest -
Tudor Oyster Athlete -
Turtle Timer Zell Bros. -
Tudor Bristol -
Tudor Oyster Air-Lion -
Tudor Oyster Essex -
Tudor Oyster Exeter -
Tudor Oyster Sussex -
Tudor Oyster Yorke -
Tudor Oyster Brock -
Tudor Oyster Air-Tiger,
Tudor Oyster Air-Giant -
Tudor Oyster Kent -
Tudor Oyster Devon -
Tudor Oyster Norseman -
Tudor Oyster Regent -