Sunday, May 15, 2016

Jocke's Rolex Alchemy Design Masterpiece...

9 Years Of Jake's Rolex World!!!

Note: It is hard to believe, but today represents the beginning of the 9th year of Jake's Rolex World!!! So I thought I would share the following "Watch Quote Of The Day" which was published originally on May 15, 2008:

"It is the emotional discovery of the secrets of time, of the very soul of a watch. Watches appeal to us, and win us over by the beauty of their soul and the secrets they conceal: the life of a mechanical watch and of its beating heart; its words; its ticking; and its face, which expresses sadness at 8:20 and joy at 10:10. The relationship we have with a watch is like a love story, and love cannot be described by specific and objective criteria" –Franco Cologne

I was looking through my archive and stumbled into this post I originally published on June 8, 2008. It caught my eye, as I think this Rolex dial is insanely beautiful, so I thought I would share it. As I enter into my 9th year of publishing, I am even more enthusiastic that when I began on May 15, 2008. In large part this is due to the fact that I have a great deal more fascinating Rolex history to share with you! If you want to learn more about how and why I became a Rolex Fanatic of The Highest Order you can check out my personal Rolex History.

More Rolex Alchemy

Jocke is an extremely talented and passionate Rolex fanatic from Sweden, as well as an excellent photographer.

Jocke is my kind of Rolex fanatic because he always thinks about how to make excellent Rolex watches even better.

Jock took a standard Stainless Steel Rolex and added a stock Rolex Sunbeam dial with raised white gold Roman numerals and added a set of hands from a Rolex Yachtmaster, and with these simple modifications created what in my opinion is one of the most beautiful and stunning Rolex watches in existence.

When I first saw Jocke's brilliant creation, it took my breath away–literally. I was in complete awe, as I still am!!!

But what was Jocke thinking?  Essentially he wanted to create a hybrid watch that had the sportiness of a Rolex Explorer with the elegance of a dressy Datejust, along with the red pop of a Yachtmaster–and as you can see he did just that.

Jocke did not stop there.  Oh no!!! He also took a Datjeust with a stock Rolex Tuxedo dial and added a red second hand and red date dial and with just those two simple modifications created another masterpiece.

It is amazing what a hint or red can do to change the vibe of anything.  Just about every design can benefit from a touch of red.

Picture above are Jocke's two masterpieces side by side.

Pictured above is Jocke's Roman numeral Masterpiece on his wrist.

Pictured above is Jocke's creation next to a standard Rolex Explorer.

Pictured above is a current generation Rolex Datejust with a black dial with raised white gold Roman numerals.

I am showing this watch to you so you can see what a standard Datejust with a black dial with Roman numerals looks like.  Also, this datejust has a domed bezel, polished center links with solid end links.

The watch above shows what the Sunbeam looks like with standard hands.  It is amazing how just changing the hands changes the look completely.  Jock, my hat is off to you. As far as I am concerned you have created an absolute masterpiece!!!