Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Captain Danny's LIVE COVERAGE From BASELWORLD 2019!!!

Captain Danny Crivello's



Basel, Switzerland

Captain Danny Crivello is Jake's Rolex World Managing Editor and he was graciously welcomed by Rolex's Public Relations Director early today to explore all the new Rolex models at the beginning of the show and he reported live from the show-floor @ Baselworld in Switzerland!!!

Captain Danny Crivello just flew over to Switzerland from the United States just to cover all the Rolex introductions. Captain Danny is a Rolex fanatic of the highest order and he took the superb shot below of the all-new 2019 Batman GMT on a Jubilee Bracelet on top of his PAN AMERICAN AIRWAYS Wallet. Very Retro-Futuristic!!! In my mind, Captain Danny is the living modern personification of the Transcontinental PAN AM Pilots Rolex designed the GMT-Master for. Danny owns and wears his Batman GMT, but he decided to sport his stainless Daytona to fly to Baselworld today which I think he prefers when he flies so he can accurately time his jet engines

Be sure to check out all of Captain Danny's live Baselworld 2019 coverage on our Instagram account!!! 

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Captain Danny drives Jake's Rolex World Twitter page, which he has updated with all kinds of great photo and video!!! Also, be sure to keep checking in as Captain Danny will be meeting with Rolex to offer close up views and details on all the new watches!!!