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New 2019 Rolex GMT-Master Batman

The history of the Rolex GMT-Master is AMAZING!!! 'The GMT' is one of the most popular and iconic professional 'tool-watch' Rolex models made, along with the Rolex Submariner and Rolex Daytona. Late last year there was a false rumor spread that said Rolex was discontinuing the GMT-Master "Batman" AKA "BLNR". "BLNR" is the nickname for the stainless steel Rolex GMT 'Blue and Nior" bezel, AKA, 'The Batman'. Some refer to this Black and Blue model as the 'Night & Day' GMT-Master. The Batman has been EXTREMELY popular since it was introduced!!!

Outgoing Rolex GMT-Master Batman



So where did the rumor that said Rolex discontinued the Batman come from? I believe it started with the Instagram post pictured below by "rolexpassionreport" that said: "To all modern @rolex lovers, the Batman GMT is discountinued, since today!" To the best of my knowledge, Rolex Passion Report is written by self-confessed Rolex fanatic Philipp Stahl. 

The horological web went crazy over this news rumor which was put forth as a fact  and many people were asking me in a state of disbelief if it was true that Rolex discontinued the Batman? Below we see "rolexpassionreport" respond to the chaos their rumor created:

Once I witnessed the frenzy brewing over this issue, I decided to do some deep research in order to separate the fact from the fiction. I found ZERO credible evidence that Rolex was discontinuing the Batman!?!!  I published an article on December 11, 2018 named "FAKE NEWS!!! BATMAN DIDN'T DIE". Also, Clive the Watch Wrangler interviewed me about this rumor and as a result published this video:

So what really happened? I don't know for certain. I think a source told Philip Stahl that Rolex was discontinuing the SKU for the outgoing Batman GMT-Master. Then he or one of his sources extrapolated and hypothesized Rolex was discontinuing the Black and Blue "Batman" GMT-Master. This was a false assumption. 

The reality is Rolex was working on an updated SKU with a new movement and switching out the Oyster Bracelet with a Jubilee Bracelet as seen below.

So why did Rolex switch the stainless steel 'BATMAN' GMT-Master over from featuring an Oyster Bracelet to a Jubilee Bracelet? I believe Rolex made this choice to further enhance the already iconic identity of the stainless Rolex GMT-Master, and move it away from looking like its Rolex Submariner sibling. The GMT Master was historically available on both an Oyster and Jubilee bracelet, and in the photo below of legendary musician Dizzy Gillespie we see him rockin' his Pepsi on a Jubilee bracelet...

Now the Batman has achieved parity with the Pepsi GMT-Master which was introduced last year at Baselworld to incredible accolades...