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The Quest For The Best The All-New Apple 27 inch iMac...

The Quest For The Best Series on Jake's Rolex Watch Blog seeks to find the absolute best product or service in any category, and share with you, the reader what makes the best the best.

Seek to make things simple, not simpler. –Albert Einstein

The Quest For The Best
The All-New Apple 27 inch iMac

You Need This Computer!!!!!

I pretty much live on the computer–which is by design–and I am not complaining since I really enjoy it. I have however, been frustrated my whole computing life by how slow computers performed and evolved :-((((

My dream has always been to have a computer that could keep up with me, which seems like it should have been possible, but it was simply not reality–not even close. I also noticed, the faster computers became, the faster my skills became, which made me feel like a donkey chasing a carrot on a stick.

I feel like I have been dwelling in a world where computers were designed by the same team that brought us the half-baked-at-best Ford Gremlin and Chrysler Reliant K–just a bunch of thoughtless beige cardboard garbage with plastic seat-covers.

I always felt like I should be living in the Jetson's, but I was stuck in the Flintstones. It seems as if my entire computer experience over the last 4 decades was summed up "Hurry up and wait!?!"

Friction-Free Computing

With the advent of Apple's all-new 27 inch iMac my digital-life just got much, much, much better and easier!!!! Everything is very close to instantaneous on the all-new iMac, which makes it feel like the computer actually understands me or can read my mind!!! My dream to have a friction-free computing experience has arrived and I couldn't be happier!!!

Typically a product review makes you wait until the end before it draws its conclusion, but I am going to take a different approach and begin with the conclusion:

The all-new 27 inch Apple iMac is Off-The-Richter-Scale Unbelievable!!!! Crazy, Stunningly Amazing, Over-The-Top, Beautiful, Off-the-hook, Astounding, Stupefying, Breathtaking, Awesome, Spectacular, Phenomenal, Extraordinary, Jaw-Dropping, Wondrous, Pure, Incredible, Delicious!!!!!!!!

Run out and buy one!!!!!!!! I am just completely blown-away with this Magnificent Masterpiece of Design which is an astonishingly fast piece of Industrial Art!!!!!!!!

The Future Has Arrived

A few weeks ago Apple surprised or should I say "stunned" everybody when they introduced an All-New line of their all-in-one-design desktop computers named iMac and this review covers the stunningly magnificent 27 inch iMac. I purchased one of these beauties over a week ago and have been testing it and I want to share my findings with you!!!

I sincerely believe, future generations, many years from now will look back at the introduction of this bold machine as a seminal event in computer history, where the computing dividend first paid-off.

In other words, 10 years from now, I believe we will look back and wonder how we ever lived with all the janky, junky, jokey-jokey desktop computers that came before the 27 inch iMac. I can literally see how in the future desktop computing will be measured in terms of before and after the 27incher–No Joke!!!

Not only is this the absolute best computer ever made–by a long shot–but it basically makes every desktop computer on earth obsolete!!! I realize I just made a bold declarative statement and I intend to back it up with this article.

Somebody once said "God gave us eyes so we could appreciate beauty" which is perfectly on-point for the all-new 27 inch iMac!!!!!!!!!

As you see in the above photo of the 27 inch iMac it comes with a wireless Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and built-in 802.11n Wifi.

Not only is it the best performing computer, but it looks like a million bucks. I intentionally put the photo of the all-new Ferrari on the screen because that is essentially what you get when you purchase the new 27 inch iMac!!! The supreme irony with this magnificent machine is that it is extremely inexpensive for what you get.

The unbelievable new 27 inch iMac only cost $1699 and you can purchase it directly from Amazon for $1699 delivered to your doorstep by scrolling to the end of this review. This amazing price includes free shipping and Amazon does not charge sales tax.

Beauty That's A Beast!!!

As you see in the photo below the whole computer is in the screen. That's right...I said the entire computer, including the hard drive, RAM and dual Intel Core 2 Duo 3.06GHz processor is located inside the screen case. Even the power supply is located inside the computer, so you just simply plug it in the wall and you're pretty much done.

This ultra-simple transportable design also makes it very easy to move it around your home or office. There is no reason why you couldn't sit in a comfortable chair in your den and write a book on it, and they move it to your bedroom to watch a movie or TV shows in bed.

The all-in-one design is remarkable because it not only looks like a work-of-art, but you don't have to have some stupid, ugly, noisy tower that sits on the floor or even worse, on your desktop.

Speaking of noisy computers...the all-new iMac is unbelievably quiet and has built in high-quality stereo speakers that are hidden on the bottom of the machine. It also has a super-high-resolution glossy glass screen that make all graphics look yummy and much more alive and 3Dimensional!!!!!!!

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. –Leonardo da Vinci

We also see in the photo above that the DVD burner and SD card slot are located on the right side of the new iMac. The wireless Bluetooth keyboard and all-new Apple Magic Mouse come stock with it. That's right, for $1699 the all new 27 inch iMac comes standard with the cordless keyboard and mouse which cost $120 if purchased separately. If you think about it, that means the computer and screen only cost $1580.

The Power Of Simplicity

Before we examine more details on what makes this the best computer ever made lets look at the breathtaking screen. As you can see in the photo above and below, the screen is real glass and the seamless black frame goes to the edge. This gives the 27 iMac a super-clean, simple vibe that is extremely elegant at the same time!!!!

The screen on this beast is a whopping 27 inches diagonally and in many ways the all new iMac's design language makes it appear like a huge iPhone. The screen has a native resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels which allows you to view two full-size application windows side-by-side with zero overlap.

What is so important about being able to see two full-size application windows side by side? We human beings reason by analogy. We constantly compare one frame of reference to another and on the new 27 iMac this is easy. As you can see in the photo above we are seeing two full width 1245 Pixel web-browser windows side by side with zero overlap–Just like a full-sized glossy magazine!!!!

There have been many times when I have spoken with somebody on the phone and they are looking at Jake's Rolex Watch Blog and they ask why the main 800 pixel-wide images are cut-off on their screen? Obviously it is because their screen is too small.

I will share a story with you about a conversation I had on this subject with an old man who will go unmentioned. We were talking on the phone and he was on Jake's Rolex Watch Blog. He asked me why the photos were cut-off and he could see just more than half of the width? After about 15 frustrating minutes with me trying to troubleshoot with him to overcome the challenge we concluded that he was on a 15 inch LCD!?!?

I told him his archaic 15 inch LCD was not displaying the web the way it was meant to be seen. He got really flustered with me and asked why he could not see the whole pictures on his computer? I asked him how long ago he bought his computer and he responded that he had only had it 4-5 years. I recommended he get a new iMac to make his life simple and he said he refused to waste money on a new computer when he had a perfectly good computer.

The challenge is that computer years are very much like dog years. His computer is more like a driving around in a 35 year-old Chrysler Reliant K. I don't mean to appear arrogant, but that is the stone-cold reality. Computers and the web have evolved so much in the last 4-5 years it is truly amazing, and thus it makes sense to invest in a computer that will allow you to completely enjoy yourself and see the web the way it looks best.

Timeless–Future Proof Design

No computer is future-proof per se and that is probably a good thing. I actually prefer my computer to become obsolete as soon as possible because that means that whatever replaces it will be that much better!!! The interesting thing with this all-new iMac is that I argue that it is the most future proof computer ever offered for sale.

With the advent of this all-new 27 inch iMac, I argue computer hardware has hit a crescendo, where for the first time in computer history the hardware is so much faster than what the software requires, that if you invest in this beautiful machine, you will enjoy it for many years to come. In 4-5 years I believe it will still look great and perform well.

Unbelievable Design & Specifications

Let's take a close look under the hood and examine what makes this all-new 27 inch Apple iMac so unusual and powerful.

First is the LED backlit LCD screen technology that Apple incorporated into the machine. LCD screens have historically been backlit with Fluorescent lights that require time to warm up. LED backlights are not only instantly at their brightest, but they are much more energy-efficient and thus consume far less electricity.

LED's also produce a cleaner, whiter light and last much, much, much longer without losing any light power whereas fluorescent backlighting dims and typically yellows with age. LED's also produce very little if any heat.

When Apple originally designed the iPhone, they invested $60 Million in just mechanical and electrical engineering to force the ultimate form-factor into existance. They did so because they realized how important it was to achieve the perfect small, skinny form-factor that had multiple invisible antennas inside; including a Bluetooth antenna, a Wifi antenna as well as a cellular antenna.

With the all new 27 inch iMac Apple once again stepped up and did the same thing, and this time they custom-fabricated their own custom-made LCD panel. This panel uses a state-of-the-art LCD screen technology named In-Plane-Swtiching (IPS) which creates a super-clear, tack-sharp image with excellent off-angle viewing coupled with a wider-color gamut, meaning more visible colors on the screen.

This custom LCD panel also has many unique characteristics. To begin with, it has the highest Pixel Per Inch (PPI) count of any monitor Apple has ever made. The screen also has a 16:9 aspect ratio which is also a first for Apple.

A 16:9 Aspect Ratio refers to the ratio between the Width (16) and the Height (9). Standard, old-fashioned TV's have an aspect ratio of 3:4 (meaning 3 High by 4 Wide) and most wide-screen computer monitors are 16:10 which means that if you watch a standard High-Defenition (HD) movie you would get black bars on the top and bottom of the screen, but this is not the case with the all-new 16:9 Aspect Ratio iMac!!!

Convergence Achieved

This is of significant consideration because I recall 10 years ago there was a big debate about whether we would see Computer-On-A-TV or TV-On-A-Computer?

The obvious answer is TV-On-A-Computer won out, and now we have a screen on a Mac that is the same aspect ratio as a Plasma or LCD TV. What does this all mean? You can now use your iMac for watching widescreen 16:9 movies or widescreen TV shows and they will both take up the whole screen.

Also, many of the new state-of-the-art point-and-shoot-digital cameras can shoot photos that are 16:9 so everything is uniform and looks great on this Apple masterpiece.

As we see, on the back of the machine (pictured below) the all-new 27 iMac has a vent on top of the all-aluminum case-back with the exception of the Apple logo which is high-end plastic that has the Wifi and Bluetooth antennas behind it to achieve superb reception. The 27 inch iMac is also VESA mountable which means you can remove the existing stand and wall mount it.The all-new iMac has all its connection ports and power button on the back. As we see in the image below (from left to right) we see
  • Audio Out (Digital Toslink & Analog)
  • Audio In (Digital Toslink & Analog)
  • 4 USB 2.0 Ports
  • Firewire 800 Port
  • Mini-Display Port (for hooking-up an additional monitor if you wish)
  • Gigabit Ethernet Port
There is also a Kensington compatible security slot which would stop anybody from walking away with your computer in an office, gym or trade-show environment.

In the photo below we see a side-profile shot of the all-new iMac and it is hard to believe that the machine has a world-class professional workstation-class computer inside the screen enclosure, but it does. It comes standard with a 1 Terrabyte hard drive that spins at 7200 RPM–so it is really Fast!!!!!!!

It is hard to see, which is by design, but the all-new iMac also has an iSight video camera (pictured below: located top in the middle) which allows you to video conference over iChat or Skype for free with up to 3 other people in the world so long as they have an internet connection.

Is A Mac Really Better Than A PC?

In a word, Yes!!!!!!! When I was 16 years old, more than 25 years ago, I bought the first Apple Mac the first day it was available (January 24, 1984). I actually cut fifth-period and went to the Compuland in Mill Valley in Marin County, California and waited for the UPS man to show up!!! Pictured below is the original brochure for the first Mac I purchased:

Original 1984 Apple Macintosh 128Kb Brochure

It is fascinating to note the all-in-one design of 27 iMac is almost identical to the original Mac from 1984 even though the 27 looks a million times better. You've come a long way baby!!!

That same years I also purchased my first Rolex which was a stainless steel Submariner. (By the way the new iMac perfectly matches a Submariner ;-)

Here is the original 1984 won't be like 1984 Apple Commercial:

I actually took my first computer lab class when I was 11 years old and I have been using computers for more than 3 decades.

Even Bill Gates will tell you the Mac is better than any other computer:

So what makes the Mac so much better than a PC? A zillion things. I will enumerate what I consider to be the most compelling reasons:

  1. System Integration: Apple designs and manufactures all their own hardware as well as writing their Snow Leopard Operating System (OS X). This results in much more predictable and reliable behavior.
  2. Free World-Class Software: All apple computers including the all-new 27 inch iMac come with the iLife suite of world-class, easy to learn software which includes iPhoto for managing your digital photos; iMovie, for editing your video and Garage Band for editing sound recordings. As a matter of fact, I edit Jake's Rolex Watch Blog Podcasts in Garage Band.
  3. Apple Stores: If you ever have any challenges with your Apple computer you can take it to any Apple store to the Genius Bar and they will fix it for you or answer any questions you have. If you have ever had a challenge with a DELL computer, you know what a nightmare it can be to get it fixed.
  4. Zero Viruses: There are over 120,000 PC viruses that can also make your life a nightmare. To add insult to injury, you have to pay a third-party $40 a year to help protect your computer from viruses. This would be like having to pay a bodyguard to protect you from your husband or wife, which is absurd. The Apple Macs have ZERO Viruses. So not only do you not have to waste $40 per years, but you can't get a virus because they simply don't exist.
  5. One-On-One Training: If you invest in an Apple and you want to learn how to use any piece of software, you can sign up for a program that allows you go to any Apple store in the world and take a 1 hour class up to once a week and it only costs $100 per year!!! The will teach you anything and it is a very, very impressive program and value. If you currently own a PC and you want to transfer all your data over to the Mac, they include this service for free if you sign-up for the One-On-One service.
  6. Ease Of Use: Widows Vista was such a nightmare to upgrade to from Windows XP, that many people and businesses stuck with XP. Microsoft just came out with Windows 7 which is much better than XP or Vista, but in many ways it is a copy of the Apple Mac OS X Snow Leopard.
  7. It Just Works: Macs are not perfect by any means but everything works well together in symphony.
  8. Zero Demoware: Macs don't come with unnecessary crapware and demoware installed.
  9. People: Mac users are typically like people who wear Rolex watches. They are passionate, friendly, curious and enjoy helping each other.
  10. Plug & Play Predictability: On a Mac you plug and play, there is no Plug & Prey like on a PC with goofy drivers for everything. USB drives and SD cards plug in and do what you expect them to.
  11. Simplicity: If you wanted to upgrade from Leopard to Snow Leopard you had one choice and it was $29. Windows 7 comes in 9 different versions which range from $119 to $320. Microsoft Windows 7 comes in Windows 7 Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Home Premium Upgrade, Professional, Professional Upgrade, Windows Enterprise, Windows Ultimate & Ultimate Upgrade. This is completely absurd!!!
I could go on forever talking about how in my opinion, Mac is so much better than a PC, but guess what the best PC is? That's right, the 27 inch iMac!!!! If you want, you can purchase a 27 inch Mac and load Windows 7 on it and run it under Boot Camp as a full blown PC. This way, your PC will match your really cool iPhone ;-)

Another option, if you are crazy like me, you can run Windows side by side on the Mac using a program like Parallels 5 or VMWare Fusion 3 which allows you to run a PC side by side on your Mac simultaneously. You can also configure Parallels or VMWare so PC applications appear to run as Mac applications.

So if the Mac is so much better than the PC then why would you want to run a program that would allow you to run PC applications on your Apple Mac?

There are many reasons. For instance, Quickbooks, for some bizzare reason, has a different user interface for their Mac version and most accountants and CPA's would prefer you use the PC version. Also, if there is an application or two written for the PC you want or need to run for you business, you can on a Mac.


The all-new Apple 27 inch iMac is a complete game-changer. It comes in 3 versions with the least expensive version being $1699 which is the one I recommend for 99+% of the population. I wrote this review on the new $1699 27inch Mac which I have had for a week and I can say it completely boggles my mind!!!! Did I mention it is FAAAASSTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you can imagine, I spend at least 8 hours a day in front of the computer writing and researching stories for Jake's Rolex Watch Blog as well as all the graphics and html.

I basically live on the computer and the new iMac is so fast and everything is fluid, friction-free and almost instantaneous. I literally can't believe how fast it is and I certainly wonder how I ever lived without it!?!?!?

On all the computers I have ever owned, even surfing the web was a pain and always kind of slow, but with the new 27 iMac almost everything is instantaneous!!! Don't forget that if you have a lightning fast internet connection with a slow computer, you go slow. If you have a lightning fast computer like the 27 inch iMac and a so, so connection, it will still be very fast.

The all-new 27 iMac is the new ideal and the way a desktop computer should be!!!! That is really the point I wish to pass along to you...the new iMac is the way computers should have always been.

Superb Value with Rocket Performance!!!!!

How great of a value is the all-new 27 inch iMac? I can tell you that if Apple introduced it for twice the amount of money, I would still have gladly purchased it–seriously–and been equally ecstatic.

Why is Apple making such a powerful and great looking machine so inexpensively? Probably because they want to achieve the same ubiquity they have with the iPhone.

Apple also came out with an all-new 21.5 inch iMac that is also available (link below on left) but I don't recommend it because you can only comfortably view one window at a time without significant overlapping. I would only recommend the 21.5 for people who have limited eyesight and need to zoom everything way up on the screen.

If you have ANY questions about the new iMac I can help you with, please send me an email and I would be happy to help you. (My email is at the top of the page in the right hand corner). Computers can be confusing and remember there is no such thing as a stupid question ;-)


Stephen said...

I'm actually using mine now! Only annoying things about it is:

1) I hate the smaller keyboard
2) It gets very hot very quickly

Other than that it makes my 24" screens on my PC look tiny :P

Jake Ehrlich said...

Hi Stephen,

Why do you hate the smaller keyboard?

As all computers generate warmth I don't understand what you mean when you say it gets "very hot."

Warmest regards (pun not intended)



Excellent review Jake !
Its on the radar.

James P said...

Super! Unfortunately my 24" iMac is only two years old and still performs quickly and flawlessly. Big problem, huh? But it means I can't yet justify upgrading :-)

Stephen said...

The smaller keyboard is strange because I was really used to the full size. Now I'm striking the wrong keys because I'm used to my wrists resting a certain spot in front of the keyboard. You know what it's like moving between different keyboards don't you?

Also, the heat seems to radiate from the screen when I'm using it more than the last one.

Still a great machine though.

Jake Ehrlich said...

Hi James!!!

I remember when I first got a 24 inch iMac a few years ago. I was surprised with how fast it was compared to previous Macs. This of course was because it had the new Intel Microprocessor architecture.

My strong advice is that if I were you I would sell your 24 and upgrade to the 27 for two different reasons:

1. The 27 inch is absolute night and day in terms of speed. I mean the 27 is like driving a new 458 Ferrari compared to the 24 being like driving around in a VW bug. It is that big a speed increase. I mean it is unbelievable!!!!

2. My primary computer before getting the 27 inch had a 30inch Cinema Display which I loved because it was so wide, I could always have two full width browser windows open side by side with zero overlap. This was because the 30 inch, like the new 27 inch is 2540 pixels wide. This is what made it so easy for me to move from the 30 to the 27.

The 24 inch iMac is 1920 pixels wide which drove me crazy because it was unnecessarily big for just one application/browser window and way too narrow for having two images open side by side like in the photo I included in this article of Jake's Rolex Watch Blog open next to the Wall Street Journal.

If you are happy with your 24 iMac, certainly keep it, but I recommend you check out the 27. It is just mind-blowing!!!!

Warmest regards,


giand said...


Great blog and I appreciate your enthusiastic comments on the great new 27" iMac but you got a little bit ahead of yourself.

Benchmarking shows little or no speed increase with the new dual core 27" iMac compared to the 24" iMacs. Once software is written to take advantage of new features in Snow Leopard and make use of the quad core chips, the quad-core i5 and i7 27" iMacs will show some speed gains over the dual core 24" and 27" iMacs but that wont be for a while and you don't have one of the quad core machines.

see here:

Google analytics show that browser window widths are 1024 pixels wide or SMALLER these days. The 24" iMac screen at 1920 pixels wide shows two browser windows side by side with little or no overlap.

The 24" iMac screen is slightly brighter than the 27" screen. It's incorrect to state that LED backlighting is brighter than fluorescent in this case. In the case of the iMacs, the 27" iMac has brightness of 375 cd/m2 and the 24" iMac brightness is 385 cd/m2. These figures come directly from Apple's specifications.

Jake Ehrlich said...

Hi Giand,

I am happy to learn you like Jake's Rolex Watch Blog and thank you for sharing your perspective.

I agree that the average website is 1024 pixels, thus if you put two side by side in Safari you end up with an extra 16 pixels because of the scroll bar width, thus totaling 1040 pixels wide. If you put two 1040 windows side by side you end up with 2080 pixels.

The challenge is the 24 inch has a native pixel width of 1920 pixels, so you have 160 overlapping pixels which drove me bananas on my 24 inch and made me feel claustrophobic.

This brings up a fascinating question, which is, what is the future of the web and will it ultimately replace paper magazines and newspapers? I believe it will!!!

I love photo magazines, but I think they are terrible for the environment. The paper that is wasted is awful and the inks used are terribly toxic. The worst part of magazines and newspapers in my mind is that they are a waste of man-hours because the articles are not persistent, compared to a site like Jake's Rolex Watch Blog.

In other words, what is the point of spending many, many hours of your life researching and writing an article that is then printed in a magazine or newspaper and then a few months later it disappears like it was never there? It seems like a huge wast of manpower to me.

Also, you can't update a magazine or newspaper. What happens if you get new info? Also you can't have dialog like you and I are now. You also can't have video or audio. This is why I think the web will ultimately win-out as the ultimate publishing platform.

I think the current width on the web is too narrow. I think most websites are terribly uninspiring because the have a UI that is sugar-coated with postage-stamp-size photos which leave a lot to be desired, not to mention you have to click all over the place on most sites. (Part 2 of this message is underneath this one)

Jake Ehrlich said...

(This is a continuation of the post above)

I actually argue that Jake's Rolex Watch Blog is revolutionary because today it is the only real online magazine. What do I mean by only online magazine? There are paper magazines like Wired that have a supplementary or ancillary website with their which is like a crippled version of the magazine at best.

Then you have web only webzines like that may as well be an adjunct to paper magazine. Salon has teeny-tiny photos and if they have a long story you have to click through 5 pages to read it. Basically, the vast majority of web publishers harass and drive their readers crazy, but making them click-though a morass of links just to artificially increase their viewer statistics so they can try to impress their advertisers with higher numbers.

Jake's Rolex Watch Blog is innovative because it is the equivalent of taking a paper photo magazine like People or National Geographic or the old Life magazine and adapting and optimizing it for viewing online.

I invested a tremendous amount of time experimenting with trying to optimize the UI on Jake's Rolex Watch Blog before I came up with the final format which has what I refer to as a "Street" and "Sidewalk" design. The Street is the fluid content flow and the sidewalk has the ads and shortcuts to all the detailed stories, reviews and galleries.

The Street or story images have a default width of 800 pixels wide. If I publish a high-resolution landscape image that is high res (up to 1600 pixels wide) it is typically limited to 800 pixels in the story column, but when you click on it, you end up with a 1600 pixel wide image which in my mind is like viewing a two-page spread in a magazine, but without the ugly center/gutter seam.

Almost all laptops these days, and certainly all the Apple laptops are wide-screen and support a width of 1245 pixels. On my Macbook I like to keep the browser window open full width because it looks strange to have the icons on the right side. In other words, seeing the desktop which often has some icons on it distracts me.

Ironically, one of the things I dislike about the Mac that I prefer in Windows is the center button that puts you in kiosk or full-page view. I could never figure out why Apple did not do this?

Happy Thanksgiving,


giand said...

I greatly appreciate how much research and thought goes into your site and the topic is fantastic too.

But my comments were specifically regarding your claims about the new iMac 27" dual core machine that you have.

The iMac 24" screen can easily display two web pages side by side with little or no overlap. An average page is 1024 pixels wide but many are smaller and all can easily be made to display side by side on the 24" iMac. Indeed, your blog post photo of the 27" screen shows two web pages side by side with lots of left over unused horizontal space. These same web pages would display fine on a 24" screen.

There is no speed difference between the dual core 27" iMac that you have and the previous generation 24" iMac and objective benchmarking proves this as shown in the link in my previous post.

Your perception of the 27" being "night and day in terms of speed" is hard to explain. It can't be that you have a quad-core machine because they were not available when you purchased yours. My only explanation is that you may be experiencing the faster speed of the Snow Leopard operating system which you might not have had on the 24" iMac you were using. The point is, the dual-core 27" iMac and 24" iMac use the same CPU chips and are equally fast when measured objectively.

Finally, Apple specs show the 24" iMac screen to be brighter than the newer LED-backlit 27" screen.

I point these things out to help those considering the purchase of an iMac. One could save a lot of money getting a brand new previous generation iMac 24" without sacrificing any performance or usability.

Thanks again for an otherwise great review.

Jake Ehrlich said...

Hi Giand,

You are correct about the performance of the last generation, top of the line model of the 24 iMac that was $2100 being the same in performance.

If you purchased the top of the line 24 inch iMac before the 27 inch iMac came out it would have cost $400 more than the 27 inch which in my mind makes the 27 inch a superb value.

That being said, you can now purchase the dual 3.06 24 inch iMac for $1,499 which is $200 less expensive than the 27 incher, unless you purchase a used one.

I think I was so blown away because I was on a much older white 24 inch iMac and I did not have the last generation top-of-the-line aluminum iMac.

I never found the 24 inch iMac appealing and I was hoping an preying Apple would finally come out with a 30 inch iMac. When I first saw the 27 I realized it would be fine because it had the same number of pixels in width and it was easy to sacrifice the vertical pixels.

You are also correct about the brightness being almost identical between the last generation 24inch iMac and the new 27 inch iMac.

For me personally, the 24 inch always felt claustrophobic, and since, as you mentioned the 27 has plenty of extra whitespace it seems much more conformable to my eyes.

Thanks pal,