Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rolex Generosity: Daniel Craig

Rolex Generosity: Daniel Craig
Nobody Does It Better

Daniel Craig who plays James Bond wears at least 7 different Rolex watches which we have covered in great detail on Jake's Rolex Watch Blog. The Insider recently reported a fascinating story about Daniel Craig who actually took the photo of himself below with Tom Morro and Tom's wife Kelly.

Daniel Craig is currently co-starring in a play on Broadway in New York with Hugh Jackman named A Steady Rain. Daniel Craig is known for loving his fans and hanging out with them after a performance or even signing autographs in the rain.

Tom and Kelly were hanging out with Daniel Craig after the show and Tom noticed Daniel Craig's vintage Rolex GMT Master and complimented Daniel and told him he was an avid watch collector. Tom told Daniel the GMT was his favorite Rolex he did not have in his collection.

After they took some more photos together, Tom kept complimenting Daniel's watch and Daniel started to take it off his wrist and said "he could spare one and its yours if you want it." Tom was trying to be polite and said "I would love to Mr. Craig but no thank you." Apparently Daniel Craig looked a bit puzzled and continued signing autographs.

Then Daniel Craig got in his SUV lime and drove off. Tom must feel like the biggest dummy in the world. Imaging Daniel Craig offers to give you his vintage Pepsi Rolex GMT Master and you say no!?!?!?! Oh well!?!

Actually, now that I think about it, Daniel Craig is like Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra who were renowned for their generosity to complete strangers. One time Elvis was driving in his Cadillac and it broke down. A stranger pulled over to try to help Elvis and had no idea who Elvis was. The guy said, I fixed it enough so you can get it home, but I would take it into the shop as soon as you can since you don't want to do any real damage to such a beautiful car. Elvis handed the man the keys and said it is yours!!!

To learn more about Daniel Craig's Rolex Collection please click here. To learn more about the history of James Bond watches please click here. By the way, we have even more amazing Daniel Craig Rolex news and insight coming up on Jake's Rolex Watch Blog!!!

Daniel Craig is pictured below in New York wearing his Pepsi GMT Master


Marrk said...

Sorry to be a doubter, but this story of Craig offering his watch to a complete stranger is a little weird. It strains credulity, like they say. The guy is an actor, not Mother Teresa, and I'm okay with that. Do we have to turn him into something else?

Jake Ehrlich said...

Hi Marrk,

I understand your perspective. It is likely that Daniel Craig's GMT is a Reference 1675, and thus only worth around $3k, so it makes sense to me that he would offer it to somebody to make their day. As somebody once said, "The finishing line is a very lonely place to be if you don't have anybody to share it with."

Food for thought buddy ;-)))))))))


James P said...

Daniel Craig comes off as a class act either way, and he's definitely excellent as Commander Bond. I also like that he wears Rolex off the set - he seems personally interested in "Fleming's Bond," and it comes through in the films.

Marrk said...

He's a cool actor and a cool Rolexophile. That's all it takes to make me happy!

jec57 said...

This photo (in the blue track suit walking across the road) is not taken in New York. It's Camden Town area of London close to Daniel's house.