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The Complete History Of The Robert Redford Submariner [Part 1 of 4]

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The Complete History Of The Robert Redford Submariner
[Part 1 of 4]

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Robert Redford

[Rolex Submariner: Reference 1680]

An Amazing Career with a Rolex Submariner Keeping His Time

On Jake's Rolex World I created a a series named Profiles In Coolness which covered The King Of Cool, Steve McQueen, and Paul Newman, today we are going to take a look at another super-cool guy with an amazing career, Robert Redford.

Robert Redford was born Charles Robert Redford Jr., on August 18, 1936 in Santa Monica, California and he has been in many famous classic films. When you think about it, Robert Redford is about as classic as it gets, and it should come as no surprise that he wears a Rolex Submariner.

The Candidate (1972)

Somebody once offered Robert Redford a yellow gold Rolex Submariner as a gift and he refused it by responding, "I am not a gold kind of guy." This is kind of interesting because I think that a yellow-gold Submariner would have looked great on Robert Redford because it would match his hair.

One of the obvious questions, is why does it say ROLEX on the front of the newscaster desk that Robert Redford is sitting in front of in the picture below from the movie The Candidate? I have no idea. I assume it was obviously some kind of Rolex advertisement.

1972 Cannes Film Festival in France

In the photo below we see Robert Redford with fellow actor and director Sydney Pollack and Polish pianist Arthur Rubenstein and his wife Aniela Mlynarska to promote the movie Jeremiah Johnson in 1972 at the Cannes Film Festival. Sydney Pollack directed the movie Jeremiah Johnson which is considered to be one of his best films.
Arthur Rubinstein is considered to be one of the greatest pianists of the 20th century.

Three Days Of The Condor (1975)

All The President's Men (1976)

Robert Redford costarred with Dustin Hoffman in All The President's men which was about the Watergate conspiracy that ultimately forced U.S. President Nixon to resign.

It is interesting to note that Robert Redford's Rolex Submariner pictured above and in the next two photos from the movie, All The President's Men has the winding crown completely unscrewed and pulled out all the way!!! I have no idea why?
Update: Tim Parker-Chambers is a reader of Jake's Rolex World and he wrote in and said:

"Hi Jake,

I was reading your fantastic articles on the watches of Steve McQueen, Paul Newman and Robert Redford, and saw a comment you made about the crown of Robert Redford's Submariner being fully extended while filming a scene.

Something I have read elsewhere, which might be applicable to that situation, is that for continuity and editing ease, in some close up shots, or multiple takes, sometimes the director has the actor pull the crown on his watch, so the hands remain static and constant in all takes. 

Just thought I'd pass on what I'd heard, thanks for taking the time to put together such fantastic articles, they're a pleasure to read."

Best regards,

Tim's points make perfect sense!!!



Great piece on Mr. Redford Jake !

Marrk said...

Cool Redford thread! I happen to be watching the Redford/Pitt movie _Spy Game_ (2001) recently on DVD. The acting throughout the film is extraordinary. He doesn't wear a Rolex in the film, but . . . .

Ismat said...

Thank you for the memories Jake. I grew up watching the great movies these guys made in the 70's. They do not make film stars like this anymore. They were humble and modest and hated the celebrity life style.

Mike said...

maybe Bob was in the process of resetting the time on his Rolex and was called to the set hurredly and didn't have time to push the winding stem back in....a viable theory