Wednesday, November 11, 2009

MAD MEN & Rolex: The Number 1 TV Show Today

"History may not repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme." –Mark Twain

MAD MEN & Rolex
The Number 1 TV Show Today

In case you are not familiar with MAD MEN, it is probably the best TV show I have ever seen with the exception of The Sopranos–but that should come as no surprise because MAD MEN is produced by Mathew Weiner who was a writer and executive producer on the Sopranos. MAD MEN just completed its third season this last Sunday and to date it has won many Emmy and Golden Globe Awards.

In 2008 and 2009 MAD MEN won the Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series Drama and in 2008 Jon Hamm won the Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actor In A Television Series for his performance as Donald Draper. In 2008 MAD MEN received 16 Emmy Award nominations total.

So what makes MAD MEN the hottest TV show today? Many things. By the way, on a side note, it just so happens the star of MAD MEN, Jon Hamm who plays the character of Donald Draper (pictured below sitting down) is currently filming a movie in which he plays my namesake grandfather, Jake Ehrlich Sr. You can learn more about Jon Hamm playing Jake Ehrlich Sr., by clicking here.

MAD MEN is an American period drama TV series set in the early 1960s. It is about the early days of American advertising on New York's Madison Avenue. [Think: Madison Ad Men=MAD MEN].

MAD MEN is amazing because of the tremendous attention to detail. The Donald Draper character played by Jon Ham is married to his wife Betty Draper who is played by the amazingly beautiful January Jones. Betty & Donald Drapper are kind of like Ward & June Cleaver meet Bonnie & Clyde.

MAD MEN explores the deeper, darker side of human character in the most fascinating ways. January Jones character, Betty Draper is simple and complex at the same time. Once you think you have figured her out, you realize you know nothing about her.

Rolex Hotness: January Jones
Yellow-Gold Rolex Daytona

Betty Draper is played by January Jones who began her career as a fashion model. She is pictured below in a recent photo shoot wearing a Rolex Daytona on her wrist. Obviously not from the TV Show.

January Jones is also featured on this months cover of GQ Magazine.

There are Rolex watches all over MAD MEN and we see a yellow gold Rolex Day-Date on a character in the screen shot below. They even mention at the end of Season 2 they want to get Rolex as an account.

Also the character who plays the art director named Salvatore "Sal" Romano (played by Bryan Batt) wears a two-tone Rolex Datejust in seasons 1 through 3. Sal's character is pictured standing up third from the left side of the photo.

Despite the fact that January Jones is the definite hotness, the show also has a character named Joan Harris-Holloway played by Christina Hendricks who, at least in my mind is the super-hotness!!! She is pictured below with Jon Hamm. Ouwwwwchh!!!!!!

I think Christina Hendricks plays her role to the T, and did I mention she is gorgeous!?!!!!

Since MAD MEN takes place in the early sixties, it has a kind of male-chauvinist, Archie Bunker, "When girls were girls and men were men" kind of vibe. If you have no idea what I am talking about, then you have no idea what I am talking about ;-))))

MAD MEN just blows my mind and if you have watched it over the last three seasons you know what I am talking about. If you have not watched it over the last three years, you are in for a great treat because you can watch the episodes back to back to back–kind of like how you can spend a weekend watching the Sopranos.


Stephen said...

Wow my all time favorite TV show on my all time favorite blog. Nice :)

I just love how this show explores the psych of the characters.

Jake Ehrlich said...

Hi Stephen!!!!

Thank you very much for sharing your kind words.

I agree with you 100% about how MAD MEN is so fascinating because of the deep exploration of character depth.

I have always believed that character depth is what makes characters in movies or on TV so fascinating.

Character depth to me is in the details that show what makes the person real. Like in the Godfather Part 2 where Francis Ford Coppola explores Don Corleone character through Robert De Niro.

When a director goes out of their way to explore the character, it makes them seem much more real, and when they explore mundane details it makes them seem more real.

Even the part in Star Wars where Luke Skywalker ends up in Obi Wan Kenobi's home–it seems so real.

In my opinion that is what is wrong with the James Bond movies. Way too much action and adventure and meaningless and unrealistic shoot em up, without much character depth. I would rather watch Bond struggle to get his bow-tie tied correctly than watch him in some goofy, unrealistic car chase.

Same thing with the last Indiana Jones movie which was full of unrealistic special effects and zero character depth. I would have enjoyed the movie 1000 times more if Harrison Ford simply put on his Indiana Jones costume and was interviewed by Oprah.

Sorry for the rant, but once again, thank you very much for sharing your kind words.

Warmest regards,


Stephen said...

Hey Jake!

Absolutely agree with you. I can't remember the last time I got excited about a Hollywood blockbuster at the movies.

I tell you what - another great show is (was) Nip/Tuck. Especially the earlier series. That and the Sopranos of course. These 3 shows make me want to spend the hour watching them as I always feel something when I watch them. Just awesome!

I've gotta tell you - this blog is amazing. I'm really enjoying reading through the articles you've obviously put so much time and effort into. I'm quite new to this hobby and I'm loving the history behind the Rolex name, and the watches.

Thanks for this great wealth of knowledge Jake I'm really enjoying it.



Christina Hendricks character is yummy !