Tuesday, June 11, 2002

The Complete History Of The Paul Newman Daytona [Part 5 of 8]

The Complete History Of The Paul Newman Daytona
[Part 5 of 8]

Paul Newman Style
Iconic and Timeless Cool

Paul Newman was and is one of the most iconic cool guys that ever lived. In American cool culture he is right up there with James Dean, Steve McQueen and Robert Redford.

Mr. Blue Eyes

Paul Newman was known for having the most famous blue eyes and once said jokingly:

"If my eyes should ever turn brown, my career is shot to hell."

New Years Eve 1961: Paris, France
When The Saints Come Marching In

In the photo below we see Paul Newman in Paris, France, playing with Jazz legend Louis Armstrong at a New Years Eve party. Talk about living the good life!!! It doesn't get much better than that!!!

Paul Newman Daytona Fatstrap Revelations
An Exclusive Look At Paul Newman's Fatstrap
Originally Published on April 18, 2012

Paul Newman had extremely iconic style and taste, and in the photos above we took a look at how he was a timeless fashion icon. Now let's take a look at his wrist style.

Beginning in 1972 he wore his now iconic Rolex Daytona on a Fatstrap. The image below is exclusive to Jake's Rolex World and it is, as they say "The Money Shot." In other words, it is the most definitive shot of Paul Newman wearing his namesake, trademark Paul Newman Daytona with an exotic white dial. In this photo, Paul Newman is wearing his Paul Newman Daytona on an Alligator Fatstrap, but what kind of Fatstrap? Where did he get it? and most importantly, what is the actual shape of it?

For the first time ever, the answer to question has been delivered, as we see in the photo of Paul Newman below–sporting his now trademark Fatstrap. This is the clearest photo, that shows the EXACT shape of his fatstrap.

Here is another photo from the same photo shoot. I have not had a chance to add these to my definitive "The Complete History Of The Paul Newman Daytona" yet, but I will in the future. In the meantime, remember, you saw them on Jake's Rolex World first.