Friday, May 16, 2008

Ultra Rare: My Favorite Rolex Daytonas

Questionable Authenticity

Alert: It has come to our attention after publishing this story the authenticity of these watches are questionable. This information comes from a highly reliable source. 

We are currently investigating the authenticity of these watches and as soon as we conclude we will let you know.

These two Stainless Rolex Daytona watches are perhaps the two most sought after and collectable Rolex Watches on Planet Earth.  It is hard to estimate their current value, but I would guess about $1Million each.  

The both sold at auction years ago for over $250,000, and they are much cooler than the Albino Eric Clapton Daytona which just sold for $505,000.  I think these two watches used to also belong to Eric Clapton.  

These were Prototype Rolex Daytona Model Number 6265 was produced in 1979 watches that never were sold to the public.  I have only ever seen two Daytona's with the Red and Black Dial Above.  I refer to these Minimalist Masterpiece Daytonas as the "Red Daytona."  Most collectors refer to them as "Ferrari Red Paul Newman" Rolex Oyster Cosmograph Daytonas.

They were both auctioned by the Antiquorum in Geneva on June 14th 2003.  The one on top was from lot 309 and the one on bottom was lot 308.