Sunday, June 01, 2008

Shreeve & Company, Rolex AD Visit Yesterday...

Shreeve & Comany is the oldest Rolex Authorized Dealer in San Francisco.

I dropped by yesterday and visited with Stephanie, who is an extremely knowledgeable jeweler and Rolex sales expert.  If you live in the San Francisco, bay area I highly recommend contacting Stephanie Reed and Shreeve & Company to buy your next Rolex.

My family has bought jewelry from Shreeve & Company for generations and I have known Stephanie Reed for 3 decades, and I cannot highly enough recommend her.

I tried on a few different Rolex watches.  First was the White Gold Yachtmaster II.  It was very interesting.  It was very, very, heavy and it seemed strange big.  It is probably something you could get used to, but it seemed too big.  It definitely had some interesting design features like the pushbutton timer buttons.  

I tried on the Pepsi GMT Master II and I have to say it is really growing on me.  It is strange because when I was younger, I was never into it, but I am really starting to digg the Pepsi bezel. I just hope that Rolex offers the Pepsi dial on the new Supercase GMT II.

Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi

Sorry for the fuzzy photos.  I spaced out and forgot to turn on the Macro setting for the close up.  

Tip: Typically if you want to shoot a watch and get all the close up details you need to turn on the Macro so it focuses up close, instead of the in the background like in these images.

Rolex GMT Master II Ceramic Supercase

Then I tried on the Rolex Two-Tone GMT II Ceramic and it was beautiful.  I have never been a fan of two-tones, but this watch was a beauty.  

I love the direction Rolex has taken with updating it from the last generation GMT II.  The design feautre I liked best about the new GMT Master II Ceramic is how flat is sits on your wrist.  This makes it more comfortable and streamlined looking.  I have never been a fan of the bubble back like on the current Sea Dweller.