Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Soccer Great Diego Maradona Sporting Two Rolex Watches...

Diego Maradona

Soccer Superstar & Legend

Belongs To The Ages


World Cup Soccer wonder, Diego Maradona passed away today at age 60. Many people consider Pelé to be the greatest soccer/football player of all time, but Diego Maradona is definitely in the same pantheon.

So you thought you were into wearing and collecting Rolex watches!?!? You can't help but notice like many NASA Astronauts and Fidel Castro, Diego Maradona has a habit of wearing two Rolex Watches at the same time!!! In the photos below he is wearing two stainless steel Rolex Daytona models.

What is the deal with Maradona wearing two Rolex watches? Kinda reminds me of Seinfeld: "What is the deal with sky divers wearing helmets!?! Do they really think they are going to do anything?"

Speaking of soccer legends, in the photo below we see Diego Maradona with Pelé and notice they are both wearing gold Rolex models...

In the photo below we see Diego at Carnival in 2006 and he is wearing two different Rolex models: one on an Oyster bracelet and the other on a Jubilee bracelet.

To see just how talented Maradona was, check out this crazy video that documents just some of his amazing soccer achievements.