Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Story of Elvis Presley's Rolex King Midas [Part 3 of 4]

The King's President

I would like to thank Graceland, The National Archives of the Untied States and The Richard Nixon Library for their kind assistance in providing the materials for this part of the story.

In Part 1 we saw that Elvis loved collecting law enforcement badges.

Today most people look up to Elvis Presley and have a great deal of respect for the man named the King of Rock & Roll, but it was not always that way. I have never seen a picture of Elvis with President Eisenhower, President Kennedy, or President Johnson. I believe this is because he was considered to be an anti-establishment rebel.

One day as the story goes, Elvis was hanging out with his pals and they started talking about how influential Elvis was and they wondered if Elvis had the power & influence to simply show up at the White House, unannounced and gain entry to the President?

The handwritten letter below, written by Elvis on the Airplane on American Airline stationary accurately illustrates they did it on a lark. You can imagine how shocked the White House security guard was when Elvis Presley showed up in person at the North Gate of the White House with his hand written letter to President Nixon.

The letters and photo below tell the whole story:

Elvis Presley's request to become a Secret Federal Agent was granted and he was issued the identification below with his badge. Reality it turns out, is stranger than fiction!!!

In part 4 which is named "The King, The Prime Minister & The President," we will take a fun trip to Graceland.