Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Real Beauty...


Yesterday I was on just looking around and I wandered into the yellow gold GMT Ceramic with the Rolex green dial with Maxi Markers and Supercase and this color combo just took my breath away. I have seen this color combo before, but yesterday it just really started singing to me. Just Beautiful!!!!

The more I look at this watch the more I like it.  It seems to be conservative yet charismatic looking–kinda like Cary Grant or JFK. This watch looks so classic yet modern. I think I like it because in a way it reminds me of my LV Sub in the sense that it is a three color watch–the LV having a green bezel with a black face on a stainless body. There is something really cool about the way the green and gold combo look.

I know that at one point in the 1970s Rolex made a prototype Submariner with a green dial that was never sold or shown to the public, and I wonder if it looked something like this beauty?